WiFi for Retailers

Your WiFi is the perfect means to achieving a true omni-channel strategy. Connecting physical store visits with app usage and online sessions is something many retailers have been unable to achieve, until now.

Stitch together store visits with e-commerce operations
Get a 360 degree view of the customer
Increase loyalty program membership
Get the same levels of insights into your physical stores as with e-commerce
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89% of consumers shopped in store in the last year


Multiple channels

73% of customers use multiple channels during their shopping journey



83% of consumers are willing to share their data for a more personalized experience


Using WiFi to enhance your omnichannel capabilities

It all starts with a WiFi log-in where we can capture contact information and rich demographic insights about customers before educating them on your offerings. 

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360 degree view of the customer

We start to capture customer data the minute a customer enters a store and they only need to connect to the WiFi once for us to then capture data on every subsequent visit. We can then start to stitch together physical store visits with your digital channels.

Connect to WiFi on first visit, collect data on every subsequent visit
Stitch together physical store visits & digital channels
Drive loyalty program usage and numbers
Build detailed visitor profiles
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Increase your CRM & loyalty program numbers

Guest WiFi is the most cost effective and scalable way for you to increase both your CRM database and loyalty program membership

Link online accounts to WiFi authentication
Promote loyalty programs as part of the WiFi access journey
Create data flows directly into your CRM
Enrich your current CRM records with data only available with WiFi
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Mirror your online analytics for your stores

Gain access to insights on your stores like you have for your website. Repeat visitors, frequency of visits and track trends across your entire estate to highlight high and low performers.

Insights that aren’t available through any other medium
Explore a huge range of metrics
Build the results into your business strategy
Track repeat visits, frequency and more trends across your estate

How do you compare with your competitors in retail?

industry benchmark report

Our new Retail Industry Benchmark Report analyzes data from more than 32,000 locations to give you valuable insights.

Download to see how you compare.


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