WiFi for Stadiums & Arenas

We work with some of the world’s leading professional sports teams and venue operators to better understand their fans and increase year round revenue

First party data about all fans, not just purchasers
Promote additional revenue streams
Upsell season tickets
Promote non-game day offerings
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Contact information

44% of fans have bought tickets from a third party meaning stadiums miss out on gathering their contact information


Mobile devices

90% of sports fans use a mobile device while they are watching the game


Food and beverages

43% of fans never or occasionally buy food or beverages


How we transform your Stadium and Arena WiFi

Collect first-party data from your fans in your arena through your guest WiFi and engage the 40% of fans that purchase their tickets from an unknown service provider. Our solution allows you to promote additional revenue streams such as F&B and merchandise offerings.

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Understand your fans

Many fans have bought tickets from a third party provider
You only hold the information for the person who purchased the ticket
Use WiFi log-ins to understand who all fans are
Collect demographic and behavioral insights
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Increase incremental revenue

Convert single ticket holders into season ticket holders
Promote food and beverage options
Promote merchandise offerings both before and during the game
Educate about VIP experiences
promote non game daey

Promote your non-game day offerings

Promote your venue as a 365 day a year venue
Promote non-game day events
Educate about VIP & corporate hospitality options
Create awareness of conferencing, hospitality and other offerings

How does your data compare with other stadiums and arenas?

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