WiFi for Restaurants & Bars

We work with some the world’s leading restaurant and bar chains to grow their CRM databases, understand more about their customers and grow their loyalty programs by utilizing their guest WiFi as a data collection, analytics and marketing platform

Grow your CRM & loyalty programs
Collect demographic and behavioral insights
Grow customer loyalty
Real-time customer feedback
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Customer loyalty

Few customers are actually loyal and 38% of consumers belong to 3 or more programs



55% of consumers visit establishments where they earn rewards at least two times per month and once signed up


Customer information

61% of consumers are comfortable giving out their information in exchange for relevant discounts and offerings


How we transform your Guest WiFi

53% of people have connected to WiFi while eating out in the past 12 months which makes your WiFi the perfect medium to understand more about your customers and grow your CRM database and loyalty program.

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Increase customer loyalty by better understanding your customers

We enable you to understand: who, what, when and why people are visiting your venues. Allowing you to personalize customer communications that educate, nurture and not only grow share of wallet but develop a meaningful relationship between consumer and brand.

Create rich digital profiles
Understand how customers interact with your brand
Collect customer feedback at scale
Connect directly with personalized communications
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Grow your CRM and promote your loyalty program

WiFi is the most cost effective and scalable solution to increase your CRM database and promote your loyalty program

Direct data flows into your CRM
Enrich your current CRM data
Educate your customers
Drive loyalty program members
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Collect customer feedback at scale

Capture actionable customer insights and feedback to ensure that your restaurant or bar is offering the experience and amenities that customers want and need.

Automated surveys at scale
Collect actionable insights
Cost effective compared to other feedback methods
97% response rate

How do you compare with your competitors in hospitality?

industry benchmark report

Our new Hospitality Industry Benchmark Report analyzes data from more than 32,000 locations to give you valuable insights.

Download to see how you compare.


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