Acquire new customers

Captive WiFi portal

Collect customer data through guest WiFi

Using a captive login portal, you can collect the data of everyone that is in your venue, connecting to WiFi. This allows you to acquire new customer leads which you can then nurture to encourage repeat business.

You can also completely customize your captive portal to match your branding, using either our splashpage creator, or through uploading your own HTML design.


Customer profiling

Understand exactly who your customers are

Social WiFi enables customers to quickly connect to WiFi using their social media profiles - the easier you make it, the more likely people are to connect.

Social WiFi also captures additional customer data such as likes, interests, hometown and more. This data can be used to build detailed customer profiles, enabling you to hyper-personalize customer engagement.

What do our customers have to say?

“Whether that’s through one fan buying multiple tickets, or fans purchasing tickets through third party websites; not to mention ticket resales, we miss out on a lot of data. Through the installation of WiFi analytics, we have been able to start bridging that gap.”

Matthew Jafarian
VP of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Miami HEAT

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