Connect your offline and online environments

Increase your loyalty scheme signups and digital profiles of your visitors to create true omnichannel marketing

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Increase loyalty scheme sign ups

Loyalty scheme members typically spend more than normal customers. We can help you increase the number of members

Integrate with your loyalty scheme
Tie WiFi access in to membership
Encourage usage when in venue
Advertise your loyalty scheme during log-in

Drive customers to your website

Direct customers to your website as part of the WiFi login journey, or provide them with offers after they have left

Re-direct all WiFi users to a page of your choosing following log-in
Deliver interstitial videos during the log-in journey
Use data captured to send communications post visit
Encourage social media "likes" at log-in
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Enhance your customer's digital profile

Your analytics don't need to be limited to the digital world. Understand how customers move between channels.

Link your customer's offline activity with their digital profile
Enhance profiles with behavioral information
Track trends on frequency of visits, repeat visits and more
Gather in-store conversion data for your visitors
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Create true omnichannel marketing

Through having a complete view of your customers, online behaviour can inform in venue experience, and vice versa, creating a truly omni-channel experience

Provide a consistent, personalized experience regardless of channel
Track the influence digital campaigns have on in-venue footfall
Use the data to build lookalike audiences
Understand whether in-person customers go on to make digital purchases

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