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Use Cases

Drive app downloads and usage

The login journey to a WiFi network is a perfect opportunity to promote your mobile app and continue to build an omnichannel marketing relationship with your visitors.

Redirect users to app store during the access journey

Branded access journey

Redirect visitors to an app URL

Purple offers customers the opportunity
to create a branded access journey in the captive portal for their end-users, allowing them to redirect the end-user to a URL that downloads the mobile app e.g. iPhone users are sent to the Apple App Store and Android users are sent to Google Play Store.

Advertise to your guests during the Captive Portal login process

Interstitial videos

Create a promotional video encouraging the download of mobile app content

Purple customers can add video content and adverts into their end-user login journey. This content can be sold to other brands with similar, highly relevant audiences. Alternatively, this video can be used to promote native apps that extend the customer relationship.

Send hyper-personalized email campaigns to visitors

Email campaigns

Send download links via Email marketing

Use purples integration with tools such as a Mailchimp to create mailing lists directly from data captured using guest wifi logins. Use these campaigns to then drive traffic to relevant app stores.

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What do our customers say?

A global quick-service restaurant chain has utilized Purple data to capture customer profiles with the purpose of driving the download of their mobile application and to encourage a higher return rate of customers to their venues.

The diversification and proliferation of delivery options that their customers now have brought a substantial increase in competition and they view the application as being an effective cut out to that threat.

With hundreds of stores globally, this chain has seen a very substantial return on investment.

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