Find and navigate to your assets

Find equipment when you need it, navigate to your assets and get notified if your asset leaves or enters an area

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Find equipment you need, when you need it

Locate assets immediately by viewing them in real time on the map or via a search. Your asset tags can be put on equipment, drug trolleys or electricals.

See where your assets are in real-time
View on the map, or search specifically
Tag equipment, drug trolleys or electricals
Prevent misplacement at crucial times
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Navigate to your assets quickly and efficiently

Many attempts to look for equipment by staff are unsuccessful, meaning wasted time. With Purple asset tracking, you can navigate to your assets using the most efficient route, reducing wasted staff time.

Reduce wasted staff time from being unable to find assets
Turn-by-turn routes to your assets
Save 1 hour per shift looking for equipment
Get the most efficient route to your asset
Asset tracking notification

Get notified if your asset leaves or enters an area

Create geofences on your map so staff can be notified as soon as an item leaves or arrives at a specific area to ensure it is not misplaced and prevent theft.

Geofence areas to be notified if an asset enters or leaves an area
Be notified every step of a crucial asset's journey around your facility
Choose who gets notified and when
Be notified via phone notification to view instantly

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