Use Cases

Track, monitor and ensure safe social distancing

Venue density

Quickly calculate your venue density score

Calculate your venue’s visitor density score (safe number of visitors in your venue based on square footage and social distancing guidelines) using our venue density widget.

Safe social distancing

Accurately monitor your social distancing threshold

Quickly identify when you are close to reaching your venue density using our red, amber, green (RAG) status, so you can take immediate action to ensure the safety of your visitors and employees.

Footfall tracker

Ensure visitor and employee safety

Using a built-in footfall counter, you can accurately track the number of visitors in your venue at any one time. Use this information to better manage staffing requirements and safety measures over time.

Responsibility score

Effectively track your social responsibility

Use the data collected from our hygiene survey to calculate your venue’s ‘responsibility score’ and share this data with your employees and visitors via our API.

Customer feedback

Improve your NPS score and increase brand loyalty

Get a solid understanding of how your venue is performing in relation to your customers' expectations to ensure you stay ahead of the competition and attract repeat visits.

Footfall trends

Watch visitor footfall trends form over time

Identify trends and patterns in your visitor footfall over time to help you make informed businesses decisions around staffing requirements and product placement.

Social responsibility dashboard

View your data from within a single dashboard

Track and monitor all of the information above from a simple, easy to understand ‘Social Responsibility Dashboard’ that can be quickly shared across your team.

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