Automating your visitor count, achieving 98% people counting accuracy

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Manually counting people in and out is an inefficient way to collect numbers of visitors, in addition to this, many venues are having to hire additional members of staff to assist with this. 

Venues globally, such as supermarkets and high street retailers have opted to implement a one-in-one-out strategy, where a member of staff stands at the entrance to control the flow of visitors in and out of the store. 

Since the manual implementation of counting visitors, businesses are seeing a reduction in operational effectiveness; negatively impacting their bottom line. 

This is because there are a number of possible human errors that can occur with manually counting people, the member of staff could be distracted, miscounting, or perhaps elsewhere for a short period of time.

In a time where ensuring that a business has no more than the correct number of occupants in a venue at any given time has never been more important, businesses cannot afford to be achieving low accuracy when it comes to counting. 

Accurately counting people to increase venue safety 

As mentioned above the manual counting of people has the possibility of leading to minor mistakes and miscounts, which during an international health crisis, it’s not the sort of mistake any business can afford to be making.

There are numerous ways that businesses can utilize technology to improve the safety of their visitors, staff and venue. 

Through connecting cameras with our enterprise-class analytics platform, venues can track visitor numbers with up to 98% accuracy with a 3D compatible camera.

With accurately counting visitors entering and exiting a venue, businesses can also adhere to government guidance through ensuring that it is possible for visitors and staff to maintain a safe social distance. 

Business can also give their visitors peace of mind when entering their venue as an occupancy numbers and data collected is anonymous, 

Automating the flow of visitors into a venue 

Venues using software such as Purples automated people counting and analytics can go further than just counting the number of visitors that enter and exit a venue. 

Businesses can use a signaling system, displayed on the screen at the entrance of a venue, or a specific zone within your venue, indicating whether it is safe (green) for a visitor to enter, or whether they must wait (red) until the visitor numbers in the venue or zone reduce to a safe level.

This can be done via an API that pulls directly from the Purple portal with real-time data, giving your visitors a piece of mind. 

Using this technology to automatically control the flow of visitors in and out of a venue means queue management becomes extremely efficient. 

Venues are no longer reliant on a member of staff manually counting visitor numbers and estimating how many people can enter.

In addition to all this, it’s possible to use this live data to update your website with occupancy levels and busy periods or use kiosks and displays to highlight the number of visitors in the venue at any given time.

As businesses who have adapted to automated will gladly testify, operational efficiency has improved, so has safety, as a result of this visitors and customer numbers are on the increase.

This leaves businesses who are still approaching occupancy and people counting with a manual approach left a little in the dust.  

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