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Automated occupancy counter & analytics

Automated occupancy counter and analytics

Optimize your venue safety, comply with government guidance, increase operational efficiency, and reassure visitors with automated occupancy counting and analytics.

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Through accurately counting visitors entering and exiting a venue - and monitoring their movement throughout - businesses can optimize their venue safety, comply with government guidance, increase operational efficiency and reassure visitors; ultimately encouraging them to return and spend.

The data is captured through connecting compatible hardware with Purple's analytics platform. Depending on the type of hardware, i.e. access points or sensors, businesses can achieve up to 98% accuracy when monitoring visitor numbers. Businesses can also adopt a hybrid model, whereby they connect different hardware types depending on the accuracy levels required in a specific area. All of the data collected is completely anonymous, so there is no need to worry about privacy concerns.

The data is fed directly into a dashboard within the Purple portal, so venue owners can keep a close eye on things in real-time and analyze trends overtime.

Automated alerts will trigger when occupancy levels get too high prompting staff to take action to maintain a safe and working environment. Venues can also set up alerts that trigger prompting staff to clean an area following set visitor usage levels; improving operational efficiency.

Connecting the data with our app also allows for automated access control at entry points - letting visitors know when it is safe to enter, or whether they need to wait until visitors numbers reduce to a safe level.

Achieve 98% accuracy when counting and monitoring visitors in-venue; offering customer confidence and reassurance in the data.
View how space is allocated across floors, departments and buildings. Compare the data to identify vacancies, and spot where space is needed most.
Improve operational efficiency and maintain a high level of cleanliness with alerts that trigger letting employees know that areas need to be cleaned based on set usage levels.
Offer visitors visual reassurance that your venue is not overcrowded by displaying live occupancy levels on your website, app or in-venue displays.

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