British Land expand their WiFi analytics offering with Purple and North

British Land expand their WiFi analytics offering with Purple||British Land expand their WiFi analytics offering with Purple and Pinacl
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British Land have again partnered with Purple and North to install a fast and secure guest WiFi network at several sites across the UK.

Following the successful implementation of WiFi analytics in previous years, the leading UK commercial property company have renewed contracts at two of their popular shopping destinations, Glasgow Fort and Ealing Broadway. British Land are also in the process of rolling out the Purple-powered solution, delivered by North, to a number of additional sites.

The network allows British Land to deliver an exceptional guest WiFi experience with custom splash screens and social login, whilst also capturing key demographic and behavioral data via Purple’s captive login portal. The data allows British Land to build better customer profiles and understand customer footfall.

Gavin Wheeldon, Purple CEO, commented: “Offline still makes up a huge proportion of a business’ customer base, particularly in the retail industry, and this is something that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Understanding who your customers are and how they interact with your physical space has never been more important.

“We are really pleased that British Land have not only decided to renew their existing licenses, but that they are rolling out the solution further.”

Mark Lowe, Business Development Director at North Solutions added: “These additions to our 3-year public WiFi contract with British Land are testament to the vision and aspirations they have to create places people prefer. Our partnership with Purple has been a key area to the success of this contract.”

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