Visitor spend increases due to Purple WiFi at The Orchards

Visitor spend increases due to Purple WiFi at The Orchards
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The Orchards Shopping Centre in West Sussex, UK, is a 120,000 sq ft centre which boasts 40 retail units.  The centre chose to install AirTight Wi-Fi throughout the building as a platform for the Purple WiFi social app.  The Orchards also houses 32 residential dwellings that can pick up the WiFi.

Why Purple WiFi at The Orchards?

Purple WiFi is the first solution to providing free WiFi for customers that the shopping centre has offered. Purple WiFi was chosen by The Orchards shopping centre because, after shopping around, it was the most cost effective solution for WiFi provision throughout the complex.  The centre says they were highly impressed at the efficiency with which Purple WiFi presented the WiFi solution to them and with what the product had to offer.   As well as the potential to increase the time people would spend in The Orchards due to the provision of free WiFi, they liked the idea that customers can make recommendations to the venue themselves through use of the easy social login.

The Orchards Shopping Centre also benefits by tracking invaluable customer data that can be used to reward subscribed customers with coupons and vouchers based on their visit history.  Also of great importance to them was a solution with highly manageable security, ensuring that only appropriate content is accessed which will in turn increase customer confidence and loyalty.

Nicola Bird, Centre Manager for The Orchards says:

“I am delighted with the service Purple WiFi and AirTight have provided. It has brought a new demographic into our scheme as well as increasing dwell time. Offering a free service for our customers is a main benefit and feedback is extremely positive. Business people come in throughout their lunch hour to use it and this in turn drives spend with our retailers. At Orchards we strive to be a multifunctional shopping centre and this plays a big part. We wouldn’t be without it now.”

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