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intelligent healthcare rtls

95% of hospitals are planning to increase their utilization of real-time locating technology. By implementing additional solutions, healthcare facilities will be enabled to track medical devices, supplies, and specimens. What is Intelligent Healthcare? When we think about the future of healthcare, it’s exciting and mysterious. What will a trip to the hospital look like? Will…

retail survival with unified commerce

The future is not fully digital or purely physical, it will be a complex hybrid that retailers are witnessing as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to completely integrate their venues with online data collection. This mixed-channel future will allow retailers to transform and achieve stronger relationships with their customers through unified commerce. “Physical retail is at a…

Very rarely, if ever, are customer complaints a pleasant experience for either party involved. For customers, they are often the last resort before abandoning a business whose conduct disappointed them. For businesses, they may range from unpleasant, albeit well-meaning, blows to their public image to unwarranted, indiscriminate personal remarks. Still, customer complaints are good for…

In this blog, we’ll be looking at the history of customer surveys, the different types of surveys, the purposes of each, and proof that customer surveys aren’t dead! Jump to the end to see how a Purple customer gained over £480k ROI and more using customer surveys. What is the definition of a customer survey?…

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