Deep Ellum in Dallas gets smart with full WiFi and analytics offering from Purple and GDT

Deep Ellum in Dallas gets smart with full WiFi and analytics offering from Purple and GDT
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Deep Ellum, the downtown Dallas area steeped in rich arts, culture and musical history is now a connected hub for visitors and residents alike thanks to a solution delivered by Purple and GDT.

Dallas-based technology integrator, GDT, has developed the “Deep Ellum Experience”, to showcase what the ideal smart city experience should become for destinations, businesses and their visitors. Working with Purple, the intelligent spaces company, Deep Ellum now provides simple connectivity for visitors as well as detailed data and demographic behavioural insights that will increase footfall to local businesses via customer engagement.

Deep Ellum is the perfect location for GDT to create a tangible prototype highlighting how a robust Cisco guest WiFi infrastructure, with Purple’s analytics layered on top, can communicate with visitors based on their likes, social interests and frequency of visits. Visitors can also use the system to access crucial information such as traffic flow and where best to grab a bite to eat or pick up tickets for a particular event, with the platform receiving an influx of WiFi users during last month’s Deep Ellum Arts festival.

Commenting on the decision to work with Purple, John Yrigoyen, Director of Mobility for GDT said: “We have taken a great deal of time to understand the capabilities of Purple and we currently view this solution as the market leader based on the rich data it delivers, the connectors in place with platforms such as TripAdvisor and the training and support provided by the team. We see so much potential in our partnership and are excited to roll out our combined solution to more locations, such as cities and colleges, in the near future.”

Since 1996, award winning-GDT has established a successful track record in designing, building, and delivering complex solutions for service providers, large enterprises and businesses of all sizes. GDT’s recent partnership with Purple enables the integrator to provide even more value to its customer base.

When asked about the relationship with GDT and Deep Ellum, Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, comments: “The installation with Deep Ellum is a perfect example of how Purple can work with partners to deliver a solution to a city or a space which will enable the Internet of Things to deliver genuine value to that location and its visitors.

“Helping locations to become “smart” is one of the fundamental elements of the Purple solution and has driven much of our development to date around features such as location based services and real time marketing communication tools. We look forward to building on our relationship with GDT and supporting the team as they take their Deep Ellum Experience prototype to other locations around the US in the coming months.”

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