eFan partner with Purple to deliver exceptional WiFi at Personal Fest 2017

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Fans at Telecom Personal Fest 2017 enjoyed high-speed WiFi and customized splash pages whilst watching headline bands such as Jack Johnson, Paramore, Fat Boy Slim and The Fabulous Cadillacs in Buenos Aires last month.

The event WiFi was run by Purple partners eFan, specialists in digital entertainment services for sports and music events across South America. Over 10,000 visitors logged into WiFi and engaged with interactive booths, downloaded the bespoke mobile application and liked, commented and shared social media posts.

eFan were introduced to Purple by Solution Box, an IT and telecommunications wholesaler in Argentina. Purple first worked with eFan and Cisco Meraki infrastructure to deliver WiFi and analytics software for the All Blacks versus Los Pumas Rugby World Cup 2017 match at Estadio Velez Sarsfield.

The game was such a success with a significant portion of the 30,000 visitors logging into WiFi, 67% of them through social media and branded splash pages, that eFan will be using Purple’s captive online portal in future events throughout South America, starting with Personal Fest 2017.

Commenting on the decision to partner with Purple, CEO of eFan and eFan Zone, Ariel Salvetti, said: “eFan offers a full service to events with strong, high-density WiFi, interactive digital signage, content generation, collaborating with sponsors in ‘Fan Zones’ and interactive mapping. Before Purple, thousands of visitors remained anonymous to our marketing services despite increased engagement at events.

“By partnering with Purple, the platform complements our service in every aspect of our business with the captive online portal collecting active consumer information we can use to deliver more effective campaigns and measurement,” said Salvetti.

eFan approached the event organisers at Telecom Personal with the Purple Platform as a means to identify festival-goers over the two-day long event through WiFi. Among the demographic data collected was over 10,000 email addresses, age, gender, and hometown. The top three countries users travelled from for the festival were Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, and the analytics collected via social media identified 60% were female, 40% male.

Facebook was the most popular method to log in with 60% of users using the seamless login process, 20% of users logging in via a customized short form, followed by Instagram and Twitter. With the social media authentication, Personal Fest was also able to identify the top three social interests of users were music, sports, and cinema. Each of these interests will expand into more detail in the Purple Portal to understand what festival-goers are interested in, and to customize future communications for higher engagement rates.

“What set Purple apart was their programme’s ability to complement each aspect of our business, and simplicity of the dashboard,” said Salvetti, “We are able to easily design and customize splash pages for each third-party sponsor, create segments of visitors for personalised, relevant communications and then track the performance of each campaign in real-time. It’s a real end-to-end solution for us.”

Purple seamlessly integrated with eFan’s external systems to enhance Personal Fest visitor profiles on CRM databases and micro-survey campaigns. For Personal Fest 2017, WhatsApp and Snapchat were easily added to the list of social media login journeys to complement a quick connection for visitors. eFan also commented on the e-shots, SMS features and support provided by Purple pre, during and post event.

The e-shot and SMS campaigns were highly effective, and are definitely something we will be using across future events. Overall, the team felt very comfortable working with Purple. Their technical support team were flexible fitting in with the installation across the venue, and gave immediate responses to all queries for our third-party sponsor booths.”

CEO of Purple, Gavin Wheeldon, commented: “We’re excited to see what eFan are doing for their customers in the South America market. With such high-density crowds of engaged festival-goers it is a prime opportunity to use data gathered at the events to run personalised campaigns during, as well as after the event. It’s great to see eFan are already utilising the benefits of our Purple Platform, and we look forward to working with the team throughout 2018!”

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