How online reviews became so influential

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Businesses with Purple’s TripAdvisor Connector collected 40% more reviews, and achieved 6% higher ratings to compete in the experience economy.

Two out of every three people who walk into your business will not consider making a purchase until they have read at least one review, according to TripAdvisor surveys. Before we go out for dinner, buy a new outfit or book a holiday, as consumers, we want to know that what we’re buying into is going to give us a great experience.

It’s the experience economy making business and product reviews so influential – not to mention your social media presence. The experience economy is driving reviews to the forefront of customer experience, operational efficiencies and value for money – and a marketing tactic businesses must leverage to compete for consumer relevance.

TripAdvisor alone receives almost 500 million monthly website visits from consumers looking to read other reviews before they buy into the experience. But are you waiting for customers to write a review, or are you proactively sending requests during and after their visit?

Purple partnered with TripAdvisor so businesses didn’t have to wait for customers to review their experience. We created a Connector within our captive WiFi login portal enabling businesses to automate TripAdvisor’s Review Express prompts to a greater CRM database of customers. Whenever a customer who logged into WiFi leaves your venue, they are sent a short and sweet email prompt to review their experience.

Over the past year we’ve been excited to look back on the impact Purple’s Connector has had for restaurant and bar, hotel, sports and leisure businesses and their TripAdvisor profiles.

Purples-TripAdvisor-Connector Infographic
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