Cinema chain delivers blockbuster WiFi and customer engagement thanks to Purple, Disney and Vision-Inside AG

Cinema chain delivers blockbuster WiFi and customer engagement thanks to Purple
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Purple, the intelligent spaces company, has collaborated with Vision-Inside AG and Disney, to provide KITAG Cinemas with WiFi and customer insights.

KITAG Cinemas is the largest movie theatre operator in German speaking Switzerland, with over 17,000 seats at 85 venues. Since Purple’s installation in late 2016, the collaboration has seen improved outbound marketing and social media engagement.


The cinemas marketing team has identified that their Facebook page has seen a 25% increase in the quantity of ‘likes’ since the solution was activated and over 18,000 page impressions.


Almost 5,000 lines of active customer data has been captured in the portal and user feedback has been very positive, especially from those who have downloaded their cinema tickets over the WiFi.


The chain has learned that the majority of users are aged 18 years and younger and this insight allows their marketing team to tailor the login screen, website redirect page and email campaigns to feature content that is more suited to their core demographic.

All data captured by Purple is frequently exported and used to distribute KITAG Cinemas weekly newsletter plus email updates about special events, offers on refreshments and discounted tickets to increase ROI.


In late 2016, Purple’s WiFi and analytics solution, plus Zyxel hardware, was installed at Emmenbrücke cinema by Vision-Inside AG to help improve the visitor experience. Users can now access free guest WiFi, sponsored by Disney, via a form of social media whilst KITAG Cinemas collects detailed demographic data about each customer to improve their external marketing.

Due to Disney sponsoring the WiFi, their content features at each stage of the customer login journey, improving brand awareness and encouraging customers to engage with Disney’s latest films, news and competitions.

The WiFi splash page has also helped KITAG Cinemas promote and increase downloads of their new multilingual APP that launched in February 2017, which allows users to purchase tickets, check screening times and learn about the latest releases and trailers.

Cédric Riwar, Owner of Vision-Inside AG, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with KITAG Cinemas. We appreciated their trust when recommending Purple’s solution and we are looking forward to working with KITAG Cinemas at additional venues across Switzerland.”

Commenting on Purple’s partnership with KITAG Cinemas, Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “It’s great to hear that KITAG Cinemas is already reaping the rewards from utilising Purple’s WiFi analytics. In just six months the business has been able to benefit from third party sponsorship, capture thousands of CRM records, modify their marketing to meet customer demand and increase interaction with their social media pages.”

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