Leading leather brand rolls out Purple’s WiFi and analytics solution across Colombian stores

High-speed WiFi is now available to CUEROS VÉLEZ S.A.S shoppers in Colombia thanks to the installation of Purple’s advanced WiFi and analytics solution by MAAKAL S.A, which also allows the retailer to capture detailed customer insights.

CUEROS VÉLEZ S.A.S owns more than 230 stores across Colombia and more than 20 stores across Costa Rica, Guatemala, México, Panamá, and Perú, selling quality leather goods for men, women and the home. In July 2017, the retailer received a demonstration of Purple’s solution by MAAKAL S.A after expressing an interest in public WiFi that could simultaneously allow them to learn more about their customers.

CUEROS VÉLEZ S.A.S was highly impressed by the platform, the team recognized that it would allow them to make a return from their WiFi infrastructure by capturing data such as their customers’ name, age, email address, gender, location and frequency of visits to their stores. WiFi analytics is a reasonably new concept in the region so the brand also liked the idea of being a pioneer of the technology and gaining more knowledge about their in-store shoppers in comparison to competitors.

Commenting on the decision to implement Purple in selected stores across Colombia, José Gregorio Marín Buitrago, IT Director for CUEROS VÉLEZ S.A.S, said: “Technology has been a key ally in the development of our communication strategy with customers throughout the last 30 years of trading. We constantly analyze the specific needs of the company by utilizing technological platforms like Purple as it allows us to make informed decisions in new markets and explore different lines of business.”

Throughout the last month, Purple and Cisco Meraki hardware has been rolled out across a select number of Velez, Velez Home, and Velez Outlet stores in Colombia by Certified Purple Partner, MAAKAL S.A. The retail brand wanted to initially install Purple’s solution in stores near their main headquarters in Medellin and hope to gradually introduce it to other shops in their estate.

Primarily, CUEROS VÉLEZ S.A.S is using Purple for data capture and once a large volume of customer information has been captured their marketing team plans to use it to develop targeted customer campaigns. Through learning who their visitors actually are, where they come from and how loyal they are to the brand, they can develop offers and emails accordingly. The team will also start to measure the return they get from distributing more tailored communications and promotions.

Purple’s Micro Surveys feature has also been activated, which allows CUEROS VÉLEZ S.A.S to collect customer feedback from anyone that accesses the network. When a customer logs in, they are asked to rate their experience and leave a review. So far, 100% of their WiFi users have answered the short survey, with 74% of people rating their in-store experience as 5 stars, the highest rating available.

Through utilizing this feature, CUEROS VÉLEZ S.A.S is now capturing feedback from customers with ease and can act upon all responses. This will not only help them to improve the in-store experience for shoppers but it also saves time and money as staff members won’t have to distribute paper surveys and enter feedback manually, which can often lead to inaccurate data due to human error.

Commenting on the partnership with CUEROS VÉLEZ S.A.S, Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “As Purple expands its presence across South America it is fantastic to welcome on board retail brands like CUEROS VÉLEZ S.A.S. The retailer has already seen positive results from our Micro Survey feature, and looking ahead the brand will be able to make strategic business decisions and develop informed communications based on the detailed customer information and feedback all collated in the Purple portal.”

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