McDonald’s record a sharp increase in app downloads following the installation of WiFi analytics

McDonalds record a spike in app downloads
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McDonald’s Belgium have partnered with Purple, Cisco Meraki and Socialspot to deliver a fast, free and secure guest WiFi network in over 80 restaurants locations across Belgium.

The infrastructure, equipped with Purple’s WiFi analytics solution, is part of a large phase of digital transformation aimed at enhancing the dining experience. Diners now have access to a secure WiFi connection whilst also allowing McDonald’s to collect demographic and behavioral data.

Ségolène de Chestret, Digital IT specialist at McDonalds Belgium, said: “We are continually looking for new ways to enhance the customer experience, and Purple has helped us do just that, with the added benefit of customer insight.”

Since the installation in May 2017, the hamburger giant have seen over 2 million visits to their restaurants, and have collected 1,074,001 unique visitor records.

Ségolène, continues: “Purple is a great tool that has opened the doors to a data goldmine.

“We had several issues with our previous WiFi network. The connection was poor and often dropped off. We knew we needed to look for another solution.

“Not only does Purple provide a strong and consistent connection for our users, but it allows us to collect key customer data via a captive login portal which we are using to build better customer profiles and understand their needs. We can also re-target customers with ease through specific marketing campaigns tailored to their interests and buying requirements. We expect this personalized marketing will lead to an increase in conversions across campaigns.”

When accessing the network, customers have the option to login via ‘OneClick’, or Facebook. They are then redirected to a language specific online splash page using Purple’s automated marketing tool, LogicFlow.

McDonald’s Belgium have also used Purple’s custom splash pages to advertise a number of promotions and encourage app downloads.

Ségolène, commented: “Advertising via Purple’s splash pages has contributed to a level of increased visibility across a number of different campaigns. Most significantly, we have seen a sharp increase in app downloads linked to specific campaigns, in which the campaign visibility was emphasized on the splash pages.”

Ségolène, continues: “Being able to promote our apps and other offers via the Purple splash pages has been a great addition, and one that has really helped us drive success.”

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