Get to know your visitors with WiFi analytics

Website-level analytics for your physical space including demographics, behavior, return rate, and more

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Guest WiFi

How do WiFi analytics work?

User login

When your visitor logs in they can choose to share information with you such as email, demographics and interests

Build digital profile

The information your visitors have shared with you goes into their digital profile

wifi analytics

Analyze your venue

Gather your insights on who is visiting your venue, how often and how they interact

Use your data

Use your insights to improve your venue for your visitors, or start a personalized conversation with them

visitors desktop

Gain insights for your physical space like your website

Gather detailed data and insights from your physical space like you would your website
Understand your venues and compare them within your estate
Create reports and dashboards within the platform with data you need
Track trends like new vs repeat visits, frequency of visits and more across your venues
grow and use your crm database

Understand your visitors to keep them engaged

Keep your visitors engaged by knowing what they like
Build detailed digital profiles of your customers
Gather demographics and interests to optimize your venue
Use custom fields options to gather any information you need to know
stadiums incremental value

Personalize your visitor communications to increase loyalty

Personalize communications to engage your customers
Greet visitors personally on repeat visits
Link online and offline accounts for a holistic customer experience
Create advertising and marketing campaigns based on your real customer data
wifi analytics

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McDonald's Case Study

McDonald’s Belgium partnered with Purple to deliver a fast, free and secure guest WiFi network in over 80 restaurants locations across Belgium.

Frequently Asked Questions

WiFi analytics is a process that provides businesses with the ability to collect, and analyze data related to their WiFi networks. This process provides valuable insights about visitors and venues that can be segmented to optimize processes and boost experiences.

Yes, WiFi analytics can capture demographic information and user preferences, enabling targeted marketing campaigns. Businesses can also deliver personalized messages, and advertisements based on user behavior and demographics.

A WiFi analyzer is a tool or software used to analyze and optimize WiFi networks by collecting data, identifying signal strengths, and providing insights to improve network performance.

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