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It’s no hidden secret that research and listening to users is vital to successful businesses of all size. The key to gaining this invaluable data is to keep it simple, relevant and ask at the right time.

Today, we’re excited to announce a brand new product feature called Micro Surveys which will help you achieve all this and more.

If you already have an enhanced license it will be enabled in your portal, so here’s some information oh how it works so you can start collecting valuable data now.

How do they work?

Micro Surveys give you the ability to collect customer feedback faster and smarter. The simple to use builder allows you to easily add questions to a survey which can be based on multiple choices, ratings or just simply leaving comments.

Once built, the micro survey is applied to your users access journey and appears before the online splash page. If you don’t have a splash page setup then it will appear as the last step of the users onboarding journey.

All of the responses from your Micro Survey are then aggregated into an overview reports section, displaying actionable data which can also be exported to a CSV file.

How can I use Micro Surveys?

If you have an Enhanced License already you will find Micro Surveys by going to the splash pages section under onboarding.

If you have an Enhanced License, you will find Micro Surveys by going to the onboarding section and selecting splash pages within the Purple Portal and you can read more here about how Micro Surveys can enhance your through WiFi solution.

Alternatively, if you have a Free or a Foundation License and you’d like to upgrade to take advantage of this new feature, then don’t hesitate to speak to your Account Manager on +44 333 101 4130 (UK) or +1 813 644 3668 (US).

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