Parque Arauco improve the in-store experience with WiFi analytics

Parque Arauco improve the in-store experience with WiFi analytics
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Parque Arauco, one of the largest shopping mall operators in South America, have partnered with Purple to install an advanced guest WiFi network in a number of shopping centers across Chile, Peru and Columbia.

The new network allows Parque Arauco to deliver an exceptional guest WiFi experience with custom splash screens and social login, whilst also capturing key customer demographic and behavioral data including name, date of birth, dwell, frequency of visits and more, via Purple’s captive login portal.

With the data collected, Parque Arauco will be able to build a better understanding of their visitors and tailor their operational models to deliver an improved retail experience. They will also be able to increase visitor engagement, retention and spend through sending real-time, personalized communications via email and SMS.

Parque Arauco developed their first shopping center in Chile in 1982, and since then have placed a significant amount of importance on the customer experience; using new technologies and innovation to offer customers the best shopping experience possible.  

Fernanda Castedo, Regional Account Manager at Purple said: “It’s great to welcome Parque Arauco on board. Customer experience is a huge priority for the business, and they are always looking for new ways to improve this. With the addition of Purple, we hope they will be able to elevate that experience through not only offering guest WiFi, but through using the data captured to better understand their customers.”

Benjamin Vigneaux, IT Infrastructure Project Manager at Parque Arauco, said: “Parque Arauco is a company whose focus is not only to deliver the best experience to our customers, but to also know them better in order to deliver a personalized and unique experience. To this, we believe that a robust and high quality WiFi network, with a layer of analytics and interactive features, provides an optimal environment for accomplishing this goal.”  

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