Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital offering free WiFi service

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Well done to Plymouth’s Derriford hospital, which is now offering a completely free WiFi service, where is was previously paid for.

When we are proactively targeting customers for our WiFi hotspot solution one of the key factors of success is the dwell time of people in that venue, I think there is only one other place people visit with a higher dwell time and the visitors there probably don’t have a big need for the internet.

Having spent some time visiting various people in hospital, the benefits are so abundantly obvious so I would expect to see the trend towards free WiFi in hospitals progress at a rapid rate. Obviously budgets are under considerable pressure and that may explain why there are less than 20 hospitals in the entire country who currently offer this service.

Even if WiFi was installed at a small cost I’m certain that patients would be happy to pay a couple of pound a day to access social media, streaming TV and be in more constant contact with family and friends. I’m sure there must be health benefits to this, rather than being sat bored senseless for most of the day.

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