Purple announces the launch of the Purple Partner Program

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The new program provides a market-leading opportunity for resellers and referral partners to generate additional revenue. By leveraging Purple’s market knowledge and in-house marketing expertise partners will be armed with all the necessary resources to succeed.

Today Purple has announced the launch of a new partnership program providing great benefits to resellers and referral partners alike. The Purple Partner Program has been designed and launched to support partners of different sizes and requirements, meaning we have something in place to drive success with each partner.

Founded in 2012, Purple provides the industry’s most comprehensive, flexible, and proven indoor location services platform. Organizations that deploy the Purple platform build better and more productive relationships with their employees and customers by enhancing their existing technology.

With a global footprint, Purple specializes in delivering indoor location services solutions for high-dwell, complex spaces. We do this with the aim of helping businesses grow, increasing customer loyalty, and enhancing the visitor experience. Providing up to a 24% increase in visitor return rate and a 97% conversion rate on customer surveys, Purple helps spaces to survive and thrive.

Purple’s growth has been built through close, mutually beneficial relationships with the partner channel. Purple works with over 200 partners including 50% of the globe’s largest hardware and internet service providers across more than 40 countries spread over 6 continents. These existing collaborations have enabled Purple to connect more than 1 million users across 60,000 locations in 150 countries every day!

As a result of the growth that Purple has achieved the business is at a new stage to re-engage existing partners and establish new partnerships to continue growing together. The Purple Partner Program will further enable partners to develop successful businesses by providing the right mix of market expertise, enablement, and marketing resources with varied partnering options.

Purple has developed an ever-growing role in the direction of indoor location services and the expectations of visitors in a vast list of venue types.

Speaking about the evolution of their partner program, Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple said “Working collaboratively with partners has always been essential to the way Purple operates. By launching the new Purple Partner Program we plan to re-engage and optimize existing relationships but also develop new relationships that drive success and growth in the long run.”

Additionally, Bob Koch, Vice President of Global Alliances at Purple highlighted the importance of the role of the program in strengthening partnerships, and how the business plans to execute, “Through the Purple Partner Program, we will be working closer than ever with new and existing partners to become energized and focused on delivering businesses with world-class indoor location services. Providing partners with in-house expertise and assistance, as well as closely monitoring performance, the Purple Partner Program works to ensure collaborations are more effective and successful for all parties.”

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