UK bar chain now has access to a cocktail of valuable analytics to improve customer engagement

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Baa Bar sites across the UK can now capture detailed demographic and behavioural data about bar revellers following the installation of Purple’s WiFi and analytics solution by Hudson Hill Computing.

The group owns a number of popular bars in cities such as Manchester, Nottingham and Liverpool and is now delivering high-speed connectivity to partygoers who are looking to share memories of their night and connect with friends. Whilst people enjoy the free WiFi offering, each bar will also collect an array of information about network users, including their name, age, visitor location and even the frequency of their visits, which can be used to improve communications and drive loyalty.  

The network has already attracted almost 10,000 users in just two months, with 52% of people accessing the network via their social media accounts and spending over an hour on the WiFi. The data captured in the Purple platform will be used by the bar chain to make strategic business decisions around promotions and where new bars could be opened, as well as being used to improve customer communications and drive frequency of visits.

Information about interests, age and gender will prove particularly useful when considering what events could be hosted on-site and developing segmented marketing campaigns for specific audiences. With a wealth of analytics at their disposal, the bar chain can gain a comprehensive awareness of their target market and send personalised, relevant communications to bar-goers.

Commenting on this latest partnership, Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “Purple is a fantastic asset for those operating in the hospitality sector, it allows brands to deliver a more personalised, well-informed experience to visitors which is something that millennial customers now expect. Businesses like Baa Bar need to truly understand their clientele to be able to increase loyalty, improve communications and ultimately grow their profits. With Purple, this is made easy.”

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