Eldan Hotel gets 218% more TripAdvisor reviews by using Purple

Eldan Hotel gets 218% more TripAdvisor reviews by using Purple
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Purple, the intelligent spaces company, has enabled the Eldan Hotel to collect 218% more guest reviews on TripAdvisor following the installation of its WiFi and analytics solution by Certified Purple Partner, Boot Net Ltd.

The four-star hotel in Jerusalem is working with Purple and Boot Net Ltd. to offer a fast, free guest WiFi solution and detailed analytics which encourages guests to write reviews. Boot Net Ltd overlaid Purple onto Ruckus hardware across the five story boutique property in January 2017, and connectivity is now available in all 76 guest rooms and public areas.

Owners of the Eldan Hotel knew they needed to offer a free connectivity solution but they also wanted to see a return from their investment. Above all, they were keen to start acquiring more guest reviews as they didn’t previously have a method of reminding people to review their stay via email due to staff time constraints, size of the hotel estate and lack of client data.

Robby Leon, CEO & Founder of Boot Net Ltd, installed Purple at the Eldan Hotel and said: “Boutique hotels are a great market for Purple as they often have minimal overheads and limited time to collate customer data and distribute emails to guests. With Purple, businesses like the Eldan Hotel can get data collected automatically from those accessing the WiFi and messages are automatically sent to ask for reviews. I know that the TripAdvisor connector was the key feature that won the deal with the Eldan Hotel and it will be a big hit with other clients in the hospitality sector.”

So far, the feedback from guests has been positive and thanks to the TripAdvisor connector, which went live in February 2017, they are now leaving more reviews than ever before. When you compare the number of reviews collected in January to February there is a 218% increase, evidencing the value of the TripAdvisor connector for those businesses in the hospitality sector.

The hotel’s free guest WiFi is now a service that is openly promoted on the company’s website and travel sites. In just the first month of use, the hotel saw almost 1000 people log into the WiFi, with the number of users increasing by up to 50% week on week. The average guest accessed the WiFi for over 5 hours per a day, highlighting that guests use their mobiles or laptops for 22% of their stay.

CRM data is now captured from every individual who logs into the WiFi and it is exported into the hotel’s existing customer database. The business is looking to distribute e-shots to encourage more repeat, direct bookings as they currently receive a high percentage of reservations through external OTAs. As a whole, the hotel is now more equipped to deliver personalised, targeted marketing campaigns as they can now can identify where their guests are from and their language.

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, comments: “It is fantastic to see that the Eldan Hotel has achieved such significant results in such a short space of time. Not only have they launched a free guest WiFi solution, but they’ve massively increased their TripAdvisor reviews and are now equipped with an array of tools to make their marketing campaigns much more targeted and relevant. If this is what the hotel has in achieved in just one month then I can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve by the end of the year.”

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