Purple is now live at the holy burial site of King David

Purple is now live at the holy burial site of King David
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Purple, the intelligent spaces company, is connecting those who visit King David’s Tomb in Jerusalem following the installation of its WiFi and analytics solution by Boot Net Ltd, a Certified Purple Partner.

King David’s Tomb is the burial place of the biblical King of Israel, and is also believed by many to be the place of Jesus’ Last Supper. After receiving external funding, it was decided that Purple’s WiFi and analytics solution, plus Ruckus hardware, would be installed at the Mount Zion site, so that visitors could get connected to WiFi while user details get collected to help make the visitor experience more engaging, informative and interactive.

The religious site is popular with Judaists and Christians worldwide, attracting hundreds daily. When visitors access the WiFi their details will be captured, which will then enable email blessings to be distributed in real-time via Logic Flow, one of Purple’s newest features. The tomb was a beta site for Logic Flow and it allows blessings to be sent to users in their native language after logging. These blessings will promote world peace and fraternity amongst all nations visiting the religious site.

Robby Leon, CEO & Founder of Boot Net Ltd, installed Purple at the prestigious site and said: “The Tomb of David is a very important place in Israel and attracts a significant amount of traffic. The deployment of Ruckus hardware and Purple was tricky as the site has very thick walls and narrow corridors, making it a real challenge in terms of WiFi engineering.”

Boot Net Ltd. first approached the customer in October of last year, and throughout this period the firm intricately planned and characterized the project, taking into consideration many elements such as content filtering, building preservation and special permits. Following last month’s deployment, the site is set to openly publicise the service to its visitors and any income generated from Purple’s solution will be used for educational causes.

Robby added: “WiFi is increasingly in demand across the capital, particularly in the old city where there is very minimal GPS signal. By offering guest WiFi at sites like the Tomb of David, customers will be able to entice those tourists who seek reliable, fast and free connectivity.”

Going forward, the Tomb of David is keen to explore other opportunities that could be supported by Purple. Ideally, the customer would like to distribute video and audio clips to visitors at various areas of the venue to deliver a more detailed and informative experience to people visiting the burial site.

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “One thing I love about my job is finding out the unique and amazing ways in which Purple can be used. When I set the company up I never dreamt that we would be distributing e-blessings within the Tomb of David. Absolutely fantastic! ”

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