Purple support Chorley’s Inspire Youth Zones project

Purple support Chorley's Inspire Youth Zones Project
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Purple, leading WiFi analytics provider, is supporting Chorley’s Inspire Youth Zones project by donating a guest WiFi network and analytics platform for the new Youth Zone site.

The Youth Zone, which is located on Chapel Street, offers a safe and inspiring environment for young people, aged 8 – 19, or up to 25 for those with disabilities, to try new activities, develop their skills and meet new friends.

The network means members and staff will have free access to a secure and consistent internet connection throughout the venue, whilst the Youth Zone will be able to collect valuable location data and revolutionize the way they communicate with members.

Chorley’s Inspire Youth Zone, named ‘Inspire’ by town’s young people, will open its doors to the public this Saturday with a free of charge family-friendly event to celebrate.

The Youth Zone will be open seven days a week, and for just 50p per visit, members will have access to 20 activities each evening including indoor climbing, dance classes, arts and crafts, drama, music, archery, employability and mentoring programmes and much more.

Chorley’s Inspire Youth Zone will be the first to try the WiFi technology. Janine Blythe, Chorley Youth Zone Chief Executive, said: “This is a really exciting prospect that will help us bring how we communicate with our members into the 21st century, and we are delighted to be the first Youth Zone to try the solution.”

Blythe, continued: “Previously, we have relied on print advertisement and Facebook to send messages to our Youth Zone members. Given their age range, which starts at just eight years old, Facebook isn’t an ideal form of communication, and leaflets rely heavily on us planning ahead; not to mention the associated costs. Being able to display messages to our members whilst they are on-site and connected to the WiFi will really help us drive successful communication campaigns.”

The Youth Zone will also use the WiFi network and analytics platform to collect location data and gain feedback from members through a variety of surveys and questionnaires.

Blythe, said: “Getting feedback from our members can be difficult, they don’t want to sit down with a clipboard and pen. We hope that by using the solution to ask for feedback whilst members are on-site and using the WiFi, we will get a better response rate and much more data to work with.”

Location analytics will enable the Youth Zone to understand how members move around and utilize the space, what their peak times are, and which activities are most popular. “This kind of insight is really valuable and will help support discussions around space planning and staffing requirements”, said Blythe.

The Youth Zone, which operates alongside the successful OnSide Youth Zones model, is backed by Chorley Council and Lancashire County Council. OnSide Youth Zones report that, on average, the Youth Zones have helped young people across the UK people become more healthy, have reduced crime rates by up to 77% and have helped create a positive local community feel.

Blythe, said: “We aim to secure a membership of around 3000 to 4000 per Youth Zone, and there has been a real demand in this region. Almost 10% of Chorley’s young people have already registered.”

In supporting this project, Purple hope to help create a legacy for the future of Chorley and encourage others to invest in the future of the town’s young people and other projects across the UK.

Blythe, concludes: “We understand that technology plays a crucial part in how young people communicate. Through the installation of a guest WiFi network, we are adding that extra dimension that will appeal to the community.”

To find out more, please visit: OnSide Youth Zone

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