Purple WiFi to increase shopper footfall at Kingsgate

Purple WiFi to increase shopper footfall at Kingsgate
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Purple WiFi has rolled out its revolutionary social WiFi service at Huddersfield’s Kingsgate shopping mall to enable the centre to capitalise on the benefits of social networking, while offering Kingsgate customers a fast, free and secure WiFi service.

Purple WiFi allows businesses to build brand awareness and attract new customers to their premises without the need for big marketing budgets or costly time investment, which could distract from the day-to-day running of a shopping mall or retailer.

Designed to provide retail spaces with the free WiFi service that is demanded by today’s consumers, Purple WiFi ensures that anyone using the internet service within a social space such as a bar, café, shopping mall or restaurant, will be required to simply ‘like’ the relevant Facebook page or ‘tweet’ about their location. This means that any business can receive constant promotional access to their customers’ friends and followers.

The development team at So Purple works with customers such as Kingsgate to design a targeted login page that can be used to promote offers, communicate news and generally engage with shoppers. Total user control is enabled so that the business can amend its messaging at any time.

The business is also given access to a secure customer portal with tools at their disposal to view their customers’ WiFi usage behaviour in addition to the number of new Facebook fans and Twitter followers that the business has achieved social exposure with. Depending on the age, gender and WiFi patterns of the users, offers and updates can be carefully targeted to attract new footfall as well as rewarding existing loyalty.

Jonathan Hardy, Centre Manager at Kingsgate, explains the decision to install Purple WiFi throughout the centre: “We wanted to provide our customers with easy access to the internet while allowing us to promote real time offers within the centre. This way both our shoppers and our retailers benefit.”

Commenting on the new service, Richard Stangroom, Sales Director at So Purple said: “The idea for Purple WiFi came about because everyone expects WiFi wherever they go but the business sharing the internet connection doesn’t gain anything in return and can end up with a slower, less secure internet connection for their own business needs. We believe that businesses should benefit more from offering a secure WiFi service to customers and Purple WiFi allows them to gain an understanding of their consumer demographics while building brand awareness through social networking.”

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