schuh and Purple work together to offer free social WiFi and mobile stock checking

schuh and Purple work together to offer free social WiFi and mobile stock checking
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Thanks to an initial introduction from Ingram Micro, a partnership has formed between Purple WiFi,Egton and Cisco Meraki, meaning schuh now has a new free, family-friendly, secure WiFi service available in store for customers.

Why did schuh choose Purple WiFi?

Having offered free WiFi for some time, schuh have tailored their requirements very specifically.  They wanted a guest WiFi system that was easily accessible through social login or a short form, seamless subsequent visits and a built-in reporting platform that’s easy to use. In addition, the team at schuh wanted to edit login pages and the URL redirect, view reports for usage and devices in different locations and use our API to produce their own reports. Other factors in schuh’s decision to choose Purple were the ability to gain social media exposure, easily view analytics and gain valuable insights in order to communicate more effectively with customers.

How do schuh want to use the WiFi?

schuh will use the WiFi to automatically direct customers to their service, which allows customers to check stock in real time on their phone. The customer simply logs in, enters a code from the shoe they’ve picked up and the stock checker will tell them what sizes and colours are available in that particular style. Multiple styles can be checked and can then be shown to a member of staff so the customer can try on the shoes.

The WiFi will also be used to encourage customers to share their store experience on social media. schuh already knew that customers often used Skype or FaceTime whilst they were in the store, showing their friends the shoes they wanted. Of course, free guest WiFi makes connectivity and social sharing much easier, as there’s no need to rely on 3G or 4G availability.

Chrid Johnston, Customer Insight Manager at schuh, commented “We’re delighted that Purple can be customised so that visitors to our stores are getting a real schuh experience when they access our free WiFi. The potential insight the analytics will give us and how it can be used to make visiting our stores even more enjoyable for our customers is really exciting”.

An easier way to pay

Using a completely separate and secure channel from the customer WiFi, schuh are also using Purple WiFi for their mobile payment service. Schuh are using technology such as handheld payment devices, transactional kiosks and e-receipts to give the customer the choice of how they want to shop.

How did Purple WiFi and Egton make it possible?

Egton took control of all aspects of the implementation using Cisco Meraki hardware and their team of Cisco experts to deploy the solution. The guest WiFi solution has already been installed in two thirds of schuh’s estate, which encompasses over 100 stores. Plans are in place to roll out the solution in the remaining stores by Q2 this year.

David Rendall, Account Manager at Egton, said “Deploying the latest Meraki and Purple WiFi solution through Egton means that schuh benefits from lower costs per store. This is because we used the very latest dual 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz wireless technology, so there was no need for lots of access points. schuh can now access all their stores from anywhere to make enhancements through the Meraki and Purple WiFi web portals, with 24/7 support from Egton.

Kevin Donaghy, Business Development Manager at Ingram Micro commented “Through a very close working relationship with our customer Egton, we identified an opportunity for Egton to add significant value to Schuh’s business by introducing Purple WiFi. We are delighted that we have been able to help deliver this solution.

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO at Purple WiFi added, “It’s fantastic to see this example of a retailer using the power of Purple to make a real difference to the customer. Using Purple WiFi has allowed schuh to create efficiencies, encourage brand loyalty and hopefully give the customer a better experience. This is a great example of the channel model in action, working together with Ingram Micro, Egton, Meraki and schuh.

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