Soft Play Case Study: The Big Play Barn

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The Big Play Barn

“If you’re an Indoor play area and looking for FREE WiFi for your customers, Purple WiFi is the way to go. Fantastic service, fresh idea, safe and secure, so easy to use and customers love it. We would even go as far as saying it is unbeatable.” Kevin Alsop, the Big Play Barn

The company

The Big Play Barn is a purpose built soft play area, with indoor and outdoor facilities which include dedicated areas for children of different ages. Activities for older children and adults include Water Zorb Balling, a giant jumping pillow and a café.

Kevin Alsop manages a team of 10 members’ staff member who are based in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Business objectives

“Our main objective in getting Purple WiFi was to get more “likes” and increase our social media activity. We’re already pretty active, on Facebook in particular, so we know how valuable social media can be for our business, and we wanted to make more of this.

Security was obviously a key concern for us, given our customer base. We wanted to ensure that the WiFi we provided was family friendly and easy to access.”

Benefits of Purple WiFi

“One of the main benefits we’ve noticed is that we’ve been able to track our new and repeat users. We chose to have a custom splash page featuring our own logo, and that made our customers feel at ease using the free WiFi, knowing it would be secure to use.
Purple WiFi is fantastic! Being able to drive customers to our facebook page is great for us as we use facebook on a daily basis to engage with our customers about what we have to offer.

With purple WiFi we can see the demographics of our customers using the WiFi, we can then target other promotions to that demographic, which we’ve used to target the right customers with the right promotions about events we’re holding and special promotion.”

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