What does successful promotional marketing look like? A Purple guide

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Successful promotional marketing allows businesses to grow and scale over time creating brand loyalty and recognition.

In this blog, we’re going to cover how businesses can use Purple’s Guest WiFi solution to achieve a more granular and focused approach to their marketing and a better understanding of who their customers are.

62% of consumers would be more loyal to retailers that send a promotion to them while in-store

What can successful promotional marketing achieve?

In our blog titled ‘What is promotional marketing?: Defined, informed, and strategized’ we covered the objectives of promotional marketing in-depth but here’s a quick overview of what can be achieved.

Heightened brand recognition

Public-facing marketing is a great opportunity for brands to educate potential customers directly about who they are and what products, services and offers they can provide, enabling them to become instantly recognizable for the services they offer.

Differentiate and get ahead of competitors

By utilizing multiple forms of promotional marketing it’s possible for businesses to clearly differentiate themselves from their competitors and become the go-to brand for their offering.

Increased customer demand and revenue generation

Adopting multiple promotional marketing techniques enable businesses to inform potential and current customers of what they have to offer. Messages that encourage a sense of urgency such as seasonal promotions and limited-time offers drive additional sales and demand from customers.

We found that 18.7% of customers that receive a personalized email/SMS feel more loyal to brands and 30.2% of customers who receive specific content that satisfies their needs.

How Purple can be used for promotional marketing

Organizations that use Purple are enabled to transform their physical venues into intelligent spaces that deliver great insights, as their online spaces do. Just as e-commerce platforms are adapted to work more effectively based on user behavior, Purple allows for the collection of first-hand data and venue-level insights to optimize the visitor experience through personalized experiences and boost operational efficiency.

Businesses can also make the most of our automated marketing software LogicFlow to set up personalized campaigns using the first-party data collected or existing CRM database information. Users can create tailored Captive Portal experiences with interstitial advertisement opportunities to inform visitors as they get online, as well as set up Email and SMS campaigns to get in touch with customers in the right place at the right time.

guest wifi homepage
Captive portal example

There is a continually growing list of ways businesses can reach existing and potential customers but these are the most popular for engaging them online and in-store.

Data segmentation

In order to deliver a strong and actionable marketing message it’s vital for businesses to know who they’re targeting and the topics that interest them. With generic database insights such as age and gender preferences, assumptions can be made, however, the message may not always hit the mark.

With Purple, businesses can take a deeper dive into their types of customers based on their demographic information and their interests collected via the captive portal and social media login capabilities. This means that marketers can become even more granular with how they personalize their messages in order to achieve one of the objectives mentioned above.

enterprise class reporting

As visitors return over time, businesses can define who their most loyal customers are allowing them to encourage loyalty program sign-ups or reward them with a discount the next time they visit.

visits by venue report on desktop
Visits by venue report

But how can these messages be delivered?

Email promotions

As standard for the majority of guest WiFi solutions, the captive portal will collect customer contact information as part of the signing-up process.

54% of consumers want retailers to take their email to provide them with offers and prizes

Email promotions can be used to deliver a vast amount of messages and content such as discount codes, requests for customer feedback, and news. Email promotions are a highly effective method of engaging customers post-visit and increasing the chances of them returning by creating a tailored experience with personalized messaging and offers.

shopping mall email sales 1
Email marketing example

SMS promotions

While not as popular as email promotions, SMS messages provide businesses with the opportunity to inform customers of upcoming promotions, and limited-time discounts as well as boost engagement. 

sms marketing on mobile
SMS marketing example

When used effectively, automated SMS campaigns can engage customers at the best times. For example, a pizza delivery chain may use SMS blasts to promote their service on the days of sports games.

Real-time promotions

Using both in-store and online real-time promotions allows businesses to create exciting and tailored offerings that encourage purchases there and then. In-store promotions can include static images that promote sales however email and SMS can also be utilized to make the offering personalized. 

retail offers coupon 2
Grocery retail real-time promotion example
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