Popular UK wildlife parks have improved the way they interact with guests thanks to Purple

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Paignton Zoo, Newquay Zoo and Living Coasts are working with Purple, the intelligent spaces company, Acronyms and Cisco Meraki to deliver connectivity to visitors whilst obtaining a wealth of data about their guests for outbound marketing.

The tourist attractions, located in the South of England, are operated by the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust and attract thousands of guests every year. The trust felt that fast, free public WiFi along with content filtering would improve the overall visitor experience as guests can share their pictures and ‘check-in’ online. With Purple, each site would also be able to capture the email addresses and demographic details for each person that accesses the public WiFi network.

Louise Smith, Marketing Manager for Paignton Zoo, said: “Purple has been very professional and easy to work with, the Wi-Fi installation was very smooth and straightforward. Free, reliable Wi-Fi has become essential and a must have for our guests, we want visitors to be able to easily share the fact that they are having a great time at our Zoo’s and Purple’s robust system copes with the high amount of guests we have on-site at any one time.”

The demographic information collected on the Purple platform includes their age, gender, interests, location, frequency of their visits and even the amount of time they spend at each venue. By having access to this type of information the marketing team can develop bespoke communications and offers to suit different ages, interests and visitor locations.

Louise adds: “All customer data is presented to us in a really easy to use, visual platform allowing us to look at and plan for future marketing campaigns.”

Since Purple went live in early 2016, almost 17,000 lines of active customer data has been collected, with Paignton Zoo proving to be the most popular site. The average user accesses the WiFi for almost an hour, with 40% of users aged 24 and under. Due to the fact that a significant proportion of these users are 18 and under, it demonstrates the need for secure content filtering which has been made available by Purple and Acronyms.

Commenting on the customer relationship and deployment of Purple, Tom Moore, Sales and Marketing Manager at Acronyms, said: “We were thrilled to be able to deploy Purple to Paignton Zoo as it perfectly fits the requirements of the marketing department. Having a relationship with both the IT and marketing department of Paignton Zoo was crucial to make sure this implementation was a success. Since the original network was installed we have been working closely to further improve coverage of the WiFi at each location.”

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “It’s great to hear that the WiFi analytics and marketing tools that Purple provides are making a significant difference to these various UK wildlife parks. Their marketing teams can not only communicate better with their thousands of visitors but are now equipped with the key information needed to implement effective changes at each site to suit the needs and behaviours of their guests.”

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