Case Studies

Walmart Canada

Purple and Cisco are excited to be working with Walmart Canada to help deliver a fast, free and secure guest WiFi network.

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vcu health

VCU Health

Learn how VCU Health are improving patient experience using Purple’s digital wayfinding solution across their 8 campuses

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mcdonalds logo yellow

McDonald’s Belgium

McDonald's Belgium partnered with Purple, Cisco Meraki and Socialspot to deliver a fast, free and secure guest WiFi network.

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brussels south charleroi airport

Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Brussels South Charleroi Airport introduced new flight destinations by utilizing Purple’s MicroSurveys, enhancing their travelers’ experience, resulting in a huge ROI.

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kaseya center

Miami HEAT

Since the installation in July, the Miami HEAT has seen over 290,000 people connect to the WiFi with an average of 28,000 per month.

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How Purple helped Harrods turn 600,000 WiFi logins into 57X return on investment.

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ags airports

AGS Airports

How AGS Airports achieved an 842% ROI using Purple’s tiered bandwidth capabilities to drive additional revenue from WiFi users.

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Croydon Health Services: Reducing Missed Appointments

Learn how Croydon Health Services saved £730,812 in missed appointment costs since implementing Purple's digital wayfinding in their healthcare facility.

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Pizza Express

Pizza Express is working with Purple and Redcentric to deliver a free, fast and secure guest WiFi network and tailor the diner experience.

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c2c logo


Long-distance rail experiences are changing. See how Purple helped c2c turn 81,601 WiFi users into a 151% ROI.

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Croydon Health Services: Saving staff time

Learn how Croydon Health Services saved over 80,000 hours of staff time since implementing Purple's digital wayfinding solutions in their healthcare facility.

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Avanti West Coast Logo

Avanti West Coast

See how long-distance rail company Avanti West Cost was able to obtain a 463% return on WiFi investment with Purple.

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Liverpool One

Learn how Liverpool ONE were able to make an annual saving of £285,000, as well as increase revenues by £487,000 through using automated surveys in their venues.

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St George’s Healthcare Trust

St George’s Hospital is one of the largest NHS hospitals in the UK and chose Purple to deliver a seamless method of connectivity for patients and visitors.

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boreal mountain resort

Boreal Mountain Resort

Boreal Mountain Resort have partnered with Purple and Inntopia to transform free WiFi into their number one source of database growth.

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sarasota memorial hospital

Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Sarasota Memorial Hospital, in conjunction with Purple, became the first hospital in the United States to deploy an indoor wayfinding app.

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sofology logo


Learn how Sofology were able to achieve a 2,121% return in investment in additional customer orders using Purple

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the queen elizabeth hospital

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Purple’s WiFi and analytics solution was deployed onto 375 existing Cisco access points located across The Queen Elizabeth Hospital site in July 2016.

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borough of brent

Borough of Brent

The WiFi installation was planned and completed by one of our partners, Unified Consultancy, using Xirrus equipment.

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brighton i360 logo

Brighton i360

BAi30 and Purple collaboration to regain consumer confidence during the coronavirus outbreak using TripAdvisor automation integration.

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paignton zoo

Paignton Zoo

Purple's solution went live in Paignton Zoo in late 2016 and has helped drive Paignton to discover a lot of valuable customer insights.

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st. modwen properties logo

St. Modwen

Ruckus Wireless hardware and Purple's solution was expertly rolled out across Kirkby Town Centre by Essensys in April 2016.

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inverness city centre

Inverness City Centre

In 2016 the Highland Council recognised that city centre visitors now expect WiFi as standard and so, implemented Purple's WiFi solution.

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ringlings college

Ringlings College

See how Purples’ digital kiosks have drastically reduced the reliance on reception and other staff and ultimately reduced the potential for virus transmission.

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kirkcaldy town centre

Kirkcaldy Town Centre

Purple and Rapier Systems are delivering high speed WiFi and content filtering to visitors and residents of Kirkcaldy Town Centre

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eldan hotel

Eldan Hotel

Learn how Purple helped Eldan Hotel to increase their number of TripAdvisor reviews by 218% and WiFi log-ins by 50%.

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woking food and drink festival

Woking Food and Drink Festival

Learn about how Purple supported the Woking Food and Drink Festival and increased WiFi users by 36% and newsletter sign-ups by 12%.

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Pizza Express UAE

PizzaExpress UAE is working with Purple and CDW to offer fast, free and secure guest WiFi to customers while gathering valuable analytics.

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