Boreal Mountain Resort

Boreal Mountain Resort in California have partnered with Purple and Inntopia to transform free WiFi into their number one source of database growth.

boreal mountain resort

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The Problem

Boreal had two challenges they wanted to address.

WiFi is now an expectation amongst travelers, no matter the destination, so the ability for Boreal to provide a strong and consistent connection for guests across the resort was crucial.

Boreal also struggled to capture customer data. Gathering emails from visitors at the ticket window wasn’t a viable option. Long queues and frequent mistakes, not to mention ski gloves, made this process quite difficult and ineffective.

The Solution

Purple’s captive login portal collects customer data when visitors log onto the WiFi. Visitors can connect via a short registration form or using a social media account. The method is quick and simple, improving the customer experience, whilst also enabling Boreal to capture contact information and demographic insight that will be key in driving successful marketing campaigns.

In just 18 months, Boreal collected over 40,000 email addresses. Tucker Norred, Boreal’s Marketing Communications Manager, said: “Simply put, Purple is our best form of email sign-ups. We know the data we are getting is valid, and we can then use this to create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns aimed at driving spend and increasing return rates.”

Purple’s API allows Boreal to integrate the data collected with their internal CRM – Inntopia Marketing Cloud. Inntopia’s 3-stage cleansing and matching process means that data is automatically matched to households, previous transactions, lifetime spending, and much more; enriching the database with up-to-date information.

The result has been a huge growth in Boreal’s customer database and better-targeted marketing messages to drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

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