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Case Studies

Liverpool One

Learn how Liverpool ONE were able to make an annual saving of £285,000, as well as increase revenues by £487,000 through using automated surveys in their venues.


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annual saving


increase in annual revenue


Liverpool ONE is a shopping, residential, and leisure complex in Liverpool, England that covers more than 42 acres (170,000 m2) of land in the city centre making it the largest open-air shopping centre in the UK and the ninth-largest shopping centre overall.

As with all similar venues, Liverpool ONE has suffered from long periods of closure due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and on re-opening were acutely aware of the potential safety concerns of visitors and were keen to understand, monitor and improve customer sentiment in order to increase repeat visits and help to shape team culture.

In the past, Liverpool ONE had used research agencies to manually gather feedback from visitors in person however they were keen to avoid this for a number of reasons. 

  1. Safety: they were looking to minimize unnecessary 1 on 1 interactions 
  2. Speed: the results took over 2 months to compile
  3. Cost: it was a costly exercise with each response costing £30 



They were hoping to be able to gather feedback quickly, autonomously and with no additional cost to the organization, so they turned to Purple and the Microsurvey functionality they already had access to within their WiFi Analytics subscription which would provide instant survey results allowing them to be much more dynamic in responding to the results. 

They began the process by quickly building a microsurvey within the Purple platform which they were able to do in seconds due to the intuitive functionality.

In order to drive maximum responses, they decided that they wanted to keep the survey questions as short as possible so decided to ask 4 key questions, each with a rating out of 5 stars:

  • How would you rate the cleanliness of Liverpool ONE on your visit today?
  • How would you rate the friendliness of Liverpool ONE on your visit today?
  • How safe did you feel visiting Liverpool ONE today?
  • How would you rate your likelihood to recommend Liverpool ONE to a friend or family member?

When a visitor logged on to the free guest WiFi, they were then presented with the survey.


During the period, 818 visitors logged on to the WiFi, with 791 of these visitors completing the survey. This represented a 97% conversion rate. Crucially, it had been achieved safely with no additional cost or resource required and the results could be viewed in real-time.

Through the survey Liverpool ONE were able to quickly understand the sentiment of their visitors and adapt accordingly to improve their experience. The survey results are now presented weekly to the Executive team and are used to monitor sentiment of new procedures and help to shape the team’s ‘customer first’ culture.

The scores they achieved through the survey were:

  • 79% scored 4 or above on cleanliness
  • 81% scored 4 or above on friendliness
  • 80% scored 4 or above on safety
  • 79% scored 4 or above on recommendation


Through this approach, the team were able to make improvements that led to an increase in repeat visits of 5% when compared to the same period (April 2021 compared to April 2019 to compensate for pandemic period).

Through making use of the tool they had already invested in, Liverpool ONE were able to make a £23,730 saving over the course of one month, which extrapolated over the course of 1 year equates to almost £285,000.

In addition to this, the 5% increase in repeat visits meant an increase in revenue of £40,600 in comparison with previous periods and would represent £487,000 over a 12 month period.

The retail industry across the UK in 2021 has seen a reduction of 15% in sales comparable to 2019, however Liverpool ONE, through a commitment to making visitors feel safe and using insights to make improvements, have bucked this trend and achieved a 1% increase.

Speaking about the success of the project, Andrew Jones, Data and Insights Manager at Liverpool ONE said:

“The Customer Success team at Purple really works with their clients to achieve the best out of their fantastic product. I have worked closely with Helen now for a number of months and in that time we’ve taken our usage of the Purple platform to the next level.

We now actively track consumer sentiment via micro surveys to track performance in key areas of the business. Not only does it enable us to react to what our customers demand, we can also use the data to act as a motivational tool with our front of house staff to deliver feedback on their daily work.

We are working on plenty of other different success plans and I look forward to seeing what they deliver!”

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