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Guest WiFi

How does our captive portal work?

Customize your access journey

Use your branding for your splash pages, interstitial videos, and redirects

Flexible WiFi authentication options

Users can authenticate using social media, custom forms, click to connect, or SSO

Comply with data privacy

Use custom opt-in checkboxes and T&Cs to comply with any data protection law globally

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Capture visitor contact details

Drive value from your WiFi solution by capturing visitor information

Greet repeat visitors personally

Personalize splash pages and marketing communications

Scale through your estate

From 1 to 1 million access points we’re ideal for any venue

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Enhance your visitor experience with your WiFi

Fully customizable splash pages to give visitors a great experience as they connect
Show customers adverts, interstitial videos and promotions
Redirect them to products or services on your website they may be interested in
Tailor splash pages based on day, time, date or even the weather!
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Flexible WiFi authentication and login options

Compatible with Facebook, X and LinkedIn login methods
Measure your authentication rate to make sure users are getting online
Staff can sign in using their employee credentials
Use custom fields to ask your customers for any information you need
Connect with a specialist
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Customizable and adaptable for your venue or estate size

Trusted by over 60,000 venues globally
99.999% uptime
Purple is used by some of the biggest brands in the world
Compatible with a huge variety of hardware
Chat with our team
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Serve multilingual captive portals automatically with device language recognition

Over 25 language options
Adapt your visitor-facing login screens, splash page, and landing pages automatically
Create a great experience for visitors from all over the world
Automatically recognizes the device language to adapt the login journey
See it in action
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Harrods: Case Study

How we helped Harrods turn 600,000 WiFi logins into 57X return on investment using a captive portal.

WiFi for IT Teams

Hugely scalable, highly secure WiFi for your staff and visitors

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Frequently Asked Questions

When implementing a secondary WiFi login for your vistors, customers or employees, you should use a captive portal. This form of authentication provides reassurance that your network and data are secure.

A captive portal is a web page displayed when connecting to public or guest WiFi networks by requiring users to authenticate or agree to terms before accessing the internet.

Captive portals like Purple’s can be found in almost all public places such as airports, hotels, stadiums, retailers and hospitals.

A captive portal can customized to feature advertisements and offers, creating additional opportunities for businesses to engage with users to boost revenue.

Select from a range of templates or use custom HTML to create a fully branded captive portal. You can also request for us to do all the hard work

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