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Get visitors online quickly using social WiFi and encourage loyalty in real-time


Average cost per lead


Average increase in marketing database accuracy


Conversion rate on customer surveys

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Enhance your existing WiFi and deliver a better online experience in your venue

Guests can log in via social WiFi credentials or a customized form, allowing your business or venue to capture in-depth customer information.

Include branding, promotions and advertising to the access journey to ensure a great WiFi experience for your customers. Purple’s captive portal WiFi login solution is fully scalable making it ideal for all venue sizes from small businesses to large enterprises.

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Encourage customer loyalty and deliver offers in the right place at the right time

Use the customer data collected in the captive portal to build detailed profiles, allowing you to send highly personalized marketing, segmented by demographics, and interests.

Our out of the box marketing automation tool is fully integratable with your existing CRM system, meaning you can use new and existing data to communicate directly with customers at the most relevant times, encouraging them to return.

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Collect visitor data in a compliant way

The Purple Platform enables you to collect data in a compliant way to help you comply with data protection laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and more.

As the captive portal is fully customizable, you can add in specific data protection features such as marketing opt-ins, terms and conditions agreements, and a link to relevant privacy policies.

With Purple Verify enabled, you can ensure that no incorrect email addresses enter your CRM system as this verifies the email at the point of login to the captive portal.

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Serve multilingual captive portals automatically with device language recognition

Our cloud software recognizes the default language of a visitor’s device to provide a seamless, multilingual experience. With over 25 languages to choose from you can create multilingual versions of the login journey to suit all visitors. 

Translated areas include all visitor facing login screens, splash pages, landing pages and selected languages in the Purple Platform.

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