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Social WiFi Marketing - Connect to WiFi with social media - social wifi

Get visitors online faster using their social media credentials

Social WiFi provides a seamless and frustration-free way for visitors to access your WiFi network.

Social WiFi enables visitors to connect to your WiFi using their social media credentials, ensuring a quick and simple login. Our captive portal then leverages the visitor data captured so you can begin to understand who your visitors really are by building detailed profiles, helping you drive meaningful marketing campaigns.

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Multilingual guest wifi

Guest WiFi as diverse as your visitors

Multilingual internet creates seamless experiences no matter where your business or visitors are based.

Our cloud software recognizes the default language of a visitor’s device to provide a seamless, multilingual experience. With over 25 languages to choose from you can create multilingual versions of the login journey to suite all visitors. Translated areas include all visitor facing login screens, splash pages, landing pages and selected languages in the Purple platform.

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Tiered Bandwidth for guest wifi

Drive revenue directly from your guest WiFi

Charge visitors for WiFi access based on time, data, or a superior usage bandwidth service.

Our WiFi bandwidth feature offers flexibility and the opportunity to drive revenue directly from your WiFi network through three usage methods – time, data and speed.

You can easily manage your WiFi bandwidth plans with Purple’s Payment Gateway within the platform. Our payment gateway is fully PCI compliant under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and is ready to start taking payments immediately. Payment can be made via card or PayPal.

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Benefits of Captive Portal

Enable seamless login so that when guests return to your venue the network remembers their details

Enable visitors to connect with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more

Easily promote offers and events to existing and potential visitors

End user login is available in 25+ languages

Personalize offers and promotions in your visitor’s language

Generate revenue directly from your WiFi network

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Guest WiFi features

Content filtering for WiFi - WiFi content filtering

WiFi Content Filtering

Block URLs for family friendly WiFi and complete piece of mind

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MyData Portal

Give visitors complete control over their data with the MyData portal

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WiFi Analytics

Segment your visitor data in over 5,000 different ways to help you identify trends and patterns

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Customer sentiment through NPS surveys & micro surveys for visitor experience

Customer Feedback

Collect invaluable feedback from visitors to improve your business and encourage visitors to leave reviews

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What is WiFi marketing? - WiFi marketing software

WiFi Marketing Software

Set up multi-staged marketing campaigns that trigger based on visitor behavior and demographics

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