Purple SecurePass: Simplifying and securing guest WiFi

Get people online as quickly, easily and securely as possible

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Guest WiFi

How does SecurePass work?

Get users online

Users can pre-authenticate to your venue WiFi before entering your venue through your native application on their devices

Network installation

Users select auto-connect via your app, and the network certificate is installed onto their mobile devices with the WiFi/radius authentication credentials


A seamless, automatic connection

When they enter your venue after pre-authenticating, their device automatically connects to your WiFi network. Their device will then seamlessly connect in all your venues

Analyze your network

Once your visitors are using your WiFi, you can analyse their usage, report on their device and OS, as well as monitoring speed and coverage within your venue


Provide best in class WiFi security within your venue

Completely secure from device to AP
An extra layer of security on your WiFi network
Protect users from rogue networks in your venue
No need for user VPN usage

Reduce your IT support calls

Pre-authentication means fewer support IT calls
Reduced time input and costs for your IT department
Automatic connection maximizes the usage of your WiFi network and infrastructure investment
Improve your customer experience

Get visitors online quickly and seamlessly

Visitors get online as soon as they enter your venue
Embedded authentication within your app
Seamless connection in all your venues
Visitors lose connection if they delete your app
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