Use Cases

capture visitor data-featured.png

Capture visitor data

Being able to capture, visualize, and understand data is key to identifying and understanding your customers. Grow your CRM with Purple.

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gathering vistor feedback

Gathering visitor feedback

Automate the collection of customer feedback at scale using your Guest WiFi which is a much more cost efficient manner than traditional methods

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reduce wifi help desk issues featured.png

Reduce WiFi help desk issues

Issues with your guest WiFi network can be costly, and have a negative impact on your customer’s in-venue experience as well as operational efficiency

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drive loyalty scheme

Drive loyalty scheme participation

Your Guest WiFi is an ideal platform to promote your loyalty program, guests are often already entering most of the information needed to set up an account

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prevent the misplacement of assets-featured.png

Prevent the misplacement of assets

Ensure your equipment and assets are findable and functional when required to maintain a great customer and patient experience. Track assets with Purple.

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understand who visitors are

Understand who your visitors are

Building more detailed visitor profiles enables businesses to personalize their marketing campaigns and increase their revenue.

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improve venue accessibility-featured.png

Improve venue accessibility

Venue accessibility is of growing importance in the modern world. Ensure that your venue is accessible as it can be with Purple's digital wayfinding solution.

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drive app downloads

Drive app downloads and usage

The login journey to a WiFi network is a perfect opportunity to promote your mobile app and to support omnichannel strategies. Learn more.

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protect brand reputation online

Protect your brand and reputation online

Ensure that visitors don’t have the ability to visit potentially harmful sites that could lead to irreparable damage to your brand image and integrity.

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improving your venue experience-featured.png

Improving your venue experience

Improve your venue experience and increase revenue through the use of kiosks, location analytics, and other wayfinding solutions.

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keeping your network safe

Keeping your network secure

Prevent guests from visiting potentially harmful sites or accessing malicious content that could lead to irreparable damage to your brand and network.

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understand visitor behavior-featured.png

Understand visitor behavior

Purple’s location software uses MAC addresses to identify footfall and high dwell areas. When someone connects to WiFi, this data is deanonymized. Learn more.

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acquire new visitors

Acquire new visitors

Your guest WiFi provides you with the perfect opportunity to collect data on everyone is that in your venue and ensure that they return time & time again

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increase the average spend

Increase the average spend of each visitor in your venue

It's no secret that increasing average customer spend is more profitable than acquiring new customers, learn about how your Guest WiFi can support you

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imrpove operational efficency

Improve operational efficiency

The operational costs of physical venues can quickly eat into profits, you should always be looking at new technologies to embed into operations to save money

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drive offline visitors online

Drive offline visitors online

Visitors who enter a venue are often unknown, so it’s important to get them online via the use of trackable links so you can continue to engage with them

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optmise your venue layout

Optimize your venue layout

See your most popular entry points, where visitors dwell and how they move through your venue by utilizing your wireless infrastructure.

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improve employee engagement-featured.png

Improve employee engagement

Utilize your guest WiFi to collect employee feedback at scale & communicate to colleagues that may not have access to corporate communication channels

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reducing customer churn

Reducing customer churn

Identify customers visiting your venue, understand more about them and start to tailor your post-visit communications to foster greater customer loyalty

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measure your net promoter score-featured.png

Measure your Net Promoter Score

Track your service levels quickly and easily by automating NPS Surveys to customers, helping you to identify issues and turn detractors into advocates

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increase visits

Increase visits

Purple's guest WiFi solution allows you to collect customer contact and demographic and behavioral data that can be used to increase return visits

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make money on your guest wifi investment

Make money on your guest WiFi investment

Guest WiFI isn't just a utility, it can be transformed into a revenue driver for your business in a variety of different ways. Learn more.

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enrich existing data records and profiles-featured.png

Enrich existing data records and profiles

Collect more in-depth visitor data that isn't available through other data sources. Helping you drive personalized, meaningful marketing campaigns.

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monetize your wifi

Monetize your WiFi

Purple provides you with a number of ways to generate revenue from your guest WiFI. From ads and sponsorship to tailored marketing campaigns. Learn more.

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measure business performance by venue-featured.png

Measure business performance by venue

WiFi analytics provides you with the insights to compare your venues using a number of data points that aren't available through other methods

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drive in store participation

Drive in-store participation

Understand where in-store your visitors go and how long do they spend in certain areas. Use the data collected to optimize your venue

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use data to support rental fees

Use data to support rental fees

Justify your rental fees using a wealth of data analytics from your guest WiFi network that isn't available through other data sources. Learn more here.

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increase lifetime spend

Increase the lifetime spend of your visitors

Generate cross-sell and upsell opportunities, increase return rates and reduce time between visits by using your guest WiFi as an analytics &marketing platform

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increase website traffic

Increase website traffic

The number of visitors to your website is important because the number of visitors equals the number of opportunities you have to add new customers.

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improve the overall efficiency of your venue

Improve the overall efficiency of your venue

Venue efficiency is directly linked to increase in revenue for a business. Automation and wayfinding tools make this simple and easy.

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real estate optimisation

Real estate optimization

Ensure you are getting the most out of your venues. Real-time business analytics to optimize staffing levels & benchmark venues

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understand how people move around space

Understanding exactly how people move around your space

Understanding how visitors interact and move around your venue is vital in terms of space optimization and space utilization. Generate heat maps with Purple

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