The Miami HEAT turn up the temperature on fan experience

the Miami Heat drives to the basket against the Chicago Bulls
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The Miami HEAT are one of the most successful basketball teams currently playing in the NBA, holding numerous records such as being the first team to win 17 games in a single calendar month in March 2013. So, as you would assume, the Miami HEAT fans have high expectations of their team. And a team that leads the way on the court needs to lead the way in fan experience as stats aren’t enough to keep fans coming to a live game no matter how successful a team is. Why should a fan spend money going to a game when they can enjoy it at home with HD streaming, surround sound, multiple screens and mobile devices enabling them to create their own unique experience?

Over 80% of fans expect media-rich experiences. They demand a more immersive and content rich experience when attending a live event, such as live video, real time statistics, alternate camera angles and replays on demand. Fans want to be able to live-share their experiences on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social media networks. What Miami HEAT are going to deliver is a superior, interactive experience that passionate fans demand through implementing WiFi and utilising the benefits. The AmericanAirlines Arena has a capacity of 21,000 and hosts 1.5 to 2 million visitors annually across Miami HEAT games, concerts, family shows and other events and earlier this year.

The Miami HEAT chose to partner with Purple to overlay onto their new WiFi because the platform:

  • Puts emphasis on the fan user experience, enabling the franchise to interact with new and returning guests.
  • Enables fans to access WiFi via their social media accounts through bespoke, fully branded Miami HEAT splash pages.
  • Provides relevant, real-time offers and contextually aware information to fans, such as game results, queue wait times and exclusive announcements.

Alongside enhancing the fan user experience, Purple also provides the Miami HEAT with heaps of rich user data through their analytics dashboard, revealing insights into visitor demographics and behavior, such as the frequency of their visits and how they move around the venue.

The successful implementation of Purple has given the Miami HEAT the foundation to build a more comprehensive view of customers and full personalisation of the fan user experience – and we’re excited to see the commercial benefit to the AmericanAirlines Arena!

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