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See how we helped c2c turn 81,601 WiFi users into a 151% ROI!

c2c is a major player in the UK rail industry managing 26 stations and 28 trains, providing services to and from London Fenchurch Street, Southend, and Shoeburyness.


WiFi users






As part of a major infrastructure upgrade c2c partnered with Purple to provide a branded, easy-to-use guest WiFi service to passengers at stations and on trains in order to enhance their experience, with the end goals being:

  1. A boost in smartcard (loyalty scheme) subscriptions to increase the rate of direct bookings
  2. Cut costs by reducing the rate of third-party fees taken by online travel agents
  3. Collect passenger feedback to improve services continually


By creating highly branded and streamlined access journeys to increase the number of passengers connecting to the guest WiFi, c2c is enabled to collect a wave of new passenger data creating new opportunities for the promotion of their loyalty scheme.

Interstitial advertising capabilities during the access journey provide c2c with the ability to promote the smartcard app while passengers and visitors are getting online.

The user data collected during the access journey will expand c2c’s existing CRM database and can enhance existing data to create more detailed customer profiles. c2c can utilize this data to create direct email campaigns within Salesforce to promote the smartcard scheme.

Additionally, c2c is making the most of Purple’s built-in Microsurvey functionality to encourage passenger feedback, continually improving services and the overall quality of the passenger experience.

To achieve the maximum number of responses surveys should be kept short and concise to collect the desired feedback with the opportunity for customers to provide their own comments via free text. 

In this case, c2c presented passengers with one question, and the ability to provide additional insights:

  • How would you rate your WiFi sign-up experience today? (from 1-5)
  • Do you have any other comments?

c2c mobile access journey

“I’ve never had a supplier who so thoroughly understands our needs and objectives. Purple showed a very intricate understanding of the ticket sales model and understanding that a large number of our customers don’t buy direct from us, and that the use of an on-board portal was critical in reaching that huge untapped base!”

– Cieran Douglass, Senior CRM Executive, c2c


Over a 9-month period, c2c saw 81,601 unique users log onto the WiFi 343,340 times. Of the passenger data collected c2c was able to validate 78% of emails and received a 41% marketing opt-in rate which was the highest out of all their data sources.

Utilizing opted-in emails and c2c’s Salesforce integration, additional marketing efforts led to c2c receiving 127 smartcard sign-ups in just one month. Projected over the course of 12 months, c2c expects to save £76,809 (151% ROI) in OTA fees (£1.10 per booking) by customers booking directly via their Smartcard app.

Making the most of Purple’s built-in micro survey functionality over the 9 months c2c also collected 75,109 survey responses, equating to an 82% response rate, which provided new insights and invaluable feedback for c2c to improve the customer experience.

In the future, c2c plan to utilize our LogicFlow feature to further tailor promotions and present useful information to their customers. By continuing to make use of micro surveys c2c can identify potential issues before inspections and resolve them to avoid DFT fines.

c2c survey results

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