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Purple TripAdvisor Connector 2

Businesses with Purple’s TripAdvisor Connector collected 40% more reviews, and achieved 6% higher ratings to compete in the experience economy. Two out of every three people who walk into your business will not consider making a purchase until they have read at least one review, according to TripAdvisor surveys. Before we go out for dinner,…

All companies seek to grow and retain customers. Sustainable, organic growth occurs most often when customers love doing business with you and are openly willing to sing your praises to neighbours, friends, family and colleagues. With each consumer brand competing to be front of mind, it takes something special to really stand out, especially for…

WiFi in Healthcare - Hospital technology trends [Infographic]

WiFi in Healthcare is revolutionising healthcare across the board but the biggest visible changes are taking place at the point of provision. Patients are now in more control of their treatment regimes than ever before and the relationships they have with their doctors are also evolving. Our blog takes a look at the major drivers…

WiFi trends in bars and restaurants [Infographic]

Technology has become an ever-present part of our day-to-day lives; as consumers we take it for granted that we live in an increasingly connected world. At the heart of this paradigm shift is wireless data, superseding traditional linear methods of communication. Our blog and infographic take a look at the major drivers behind this change…

The increasing demand for high quality hotel WiFi - infographic

With mobile technology an everyday part of life, WiFi is no longer a luxury. People now believe they should have access to fast broadband wherever they are, and that includes hotels. A hotel’s ability to provide fast and secure Internet access is an important decision factor when booking accommodation. A recent study by Exterion Media…

Global trends in public WiFi: WBA infographic and report

The vision of WBA chairman JR Wilson is evolving the agenda with his personal mantra ‘everything standardised, everything connected’. He suggests the whole industry is now aligning with the same unity of debate around three pillars: seamlessness, security and interoperability. To establish this vision the urgent challenges he highlights are: Stronger participation from the device…

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