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Purple TripAdvisor Connector 2

Businesses with Purple’s TripAdvisor Connector collected 40% more reviews, and achieved 6% higher ratings to compete in the experience economy. Two out of every three people who walk into your business will not consider making a purchase until they have read at least one review, according to TripAdvisor surveys. Before we go out for dinner,…

Shifting retail’s focus from e-commerce to an inclusive Customer Algorithm

E-commerce took off in the early 2000’s and created a buzz around 24-hour shopping, but it’s also heavily skewed retail marketing to rely on online insights to generate sales. In 2018, this focus is making a colossal shift back to a more balanced, in-depth ratio of offline to online consumer insights. Offline insights are similar…

Marketing trends 2018

In 2018, marketing and technology will be inseparable. We have reached the point in digital strategies and marketing tactics where actioning data, personalization and understanding the consumer is what will result in growth and loyalty. Teams step back and reflect on the past year’s performance, what worked well and how to improve on the campaigns…

Consumer opinion and online reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising, and influence 95% of travellers looking for accommodation on TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel website. With 390 million unique monthly users – some of which are so active they revisit the site up to four times each month – leveraging the voluntary…

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