Restaurant WiFi: The benefits and strategies to drive revenue

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Restaurant WiFi has become a powerful tool among the worlds leading brands as a way to connect with customers and drive in venue spending like never before.

In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of offering guest WiFi in your venues and the strategies that can utilize newly collected data and insights to generate additional revenue.

A real-world example of success with Purple

Before we look at how your business can begin delivering additional success, let’s take a look at a Purple customer that has already generated great results.

One of the globes leading hospitality groups chose to work with Purple to better understand who their customers are, and how they engage with the brand. In addition to this, the company wanted to identify behaviors associated with repeat visits to effectively adapt operations to better engage with visitors, creating an enhanced venue experience and an uptake in loyalty.

Identifying customers: During the partnership, Purple has helped the company grow its existing CRM database to collect an additional 6 million customer contacts with an average added value of $5 per profile.

Building loyalty: Using the data collected the organization was able to grow the number of customers signing up for loyalty programs.

Using interstitial advertising during the authentication stage, as well as direct marketing campaigns, the business was able to achieve a 3.5% increase in the number of new enrollments.

Enhancing sentiment: Understanding what customers want, and how their experiences have been a vital part of boosting customer sentiment.

Using existing and newly collected data, the business was able to collect highly insightful feedback using Microsurveys. With an average response rate of 41%, the brand has been enabled to make changes that benefit in-venue experiences for all visitors.

Additionally, by utilizing Purple to achieve these results the business saved over $1.5 million when compared to the cost of outsourcing survey activity at this scale.

Great outcomes: During the course of the partnership this organization has achieved a 659% return on the solution’s annual cost.

Benefits of offering guest restaurant WiFi

Measure and increase customer satisfaction: In today’s world, consumers expect to have access to the internet at all times, however when indoors cellular data isn’t always reliable.

By providing free WiFi, you are giving your customers a valuable service that they will appreciate. This also provides great opportunities for businesses to capture visitor insights such as contact and demographic information.

Making the most of these insights, businesses can create and automate Microsyurveys that are tailored for specific audiences to collect valuable feedback and better understand how to improve the customer experience.

Understand behavior and dwell time: Restaurant venues make the most of guest WiFi presence data capabilities to monitor operational efficiencies such as customer wait times and table turnover rates to make changes and become more efficient.

Direct marketing opportunities: While WiFi offerings are generally free for visitors to use, venues are able to benefit from the collection of first-party data from customers that can be used for compliant direct marketing. Data collected can include email addresses, age, address, and even social interests. 

This data can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns to promote your restaurant and offer discounts or promotions to customers. It also helps to improve your social media presence by encouraging customers to check in, post pictures, or leave reviews online.

Increase loyalty and repeat business: Customers are more likely to choose your restaurant over others if you provide them with a high-quality service that they value. 

By providing a fast and reliable WiFi service, you can encourage customers to join loyalty schemes, providing value in real-time to create a positive impression of your business and influence repeat business.

Activities to generate additional revenue

Increase loyalty program membership: One way to generate additional revenue from your guest WiFi service is to promote loyalty programs. You can offer customers discounts or special promotions for returning to your restaurant or for sharing their experiences on social media.

This not only encourages repeat business but also promotes your restaurant to new customers.

Online ordering promotion: By providing guests with the ability to place their orders directly through their mobile devices restaurants can greatly increase the efficiency of their operations, cutting costs and boosting the bottom line.

By streamlining the ordering process restaurant venues can:

  • reduce the risk of miscommunication leading to fewer mistakes and less waste
  • increase customer throughput and table turnover
  • improve stock and inventory management based on peak times
  • enhance the customer experience by providing a convenient and personalizing way to make their order 

Sponsorship opportunities: During the user authentication stage, there are numerous opportunities for venues to promote their products, services, and offers. However, another effective use of this space is to rent the space to sponsors for a specific amount of time, charging a set fee for businesses to display their ads on your WiFi, increasing your revenue stream.

See how this can be effectively driven with the Purple ‘Revenue Share Program

Running social media contests: Incentivizing customers to take pictures of their meals, tag your restaurant on social media, and use a specific hashtag is a great way to boost interest with new and existing customers. The customer with the best picture can win a free meal or a discount on their next visit. This not only promotes your restaurant but also encourages customers to share their experiences with their friends and family.

Launch restaurant WiFi with Purple

Purple works with some of the globe’s most recognizable hospitality and restaurant brands such as McDonald’s, Pizza Express, and Starbucks to deliver exceptional guest WiFi experiences and boost return on investment with managed services.

Get in touch to see how Purple’s Guest WiFi solution can benefit your business.

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