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WiFi proximity marketing
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What is proximity marketing and why is it used? Proximity marketing is a communication strategy that businesses use to maximize engagement with customers in real-time within a targeted space. Real-time comms used in proximity marketing will often consist of advertising campaigns, customer support options, as well as many other engagement strategies that adopt a ‘right…

Guest blog: Lets Get Digital – Beacons review
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Picture this – you’re walking in the mall (shopping centre of course in the UK but I love the way mall sounds) and you see a friend who tells you that your favourite PiriPiri chicken is on offer at M&S, only that your friend is called Beacon, and communicates to you via mobile app! The…

WiFi or beacons for location based services?
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Location based services are now the norm. From sat navs to google maps on our phone, we all understand that our devices can communicate with satellites or other location technology to try to pinpoint where we are stood. There are options available to brands and venues who want to take advantage of what Location Based…

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