Integration tools and connectors maximize the potential of your physical space

Our platforms integrate with over 400 connectors to allow you to create a truly intelligent space

connectors & integrations

We’ll help you connect with whatever you need

Brief and specification

We’ll work with you to produce a brief and specification based on your business objectives

Requirements gathering

To understand which data points we need to interface with and build awareness of technical dependencies


Our technical team will conduct the configuration piece, with regular touchpoints with key stakeholders

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We’ll conduct QA and testing on your newly configured connector to ensure it meets the specifications

Launch live

We launch live, get your real-time data flowing, so you start seeing value immediately

grow and use your crm database

Connect your WiFi data with your CRM

Connecting your WiFi data with your CRM system enables you to fully utilize all the data that you collect in your physical space. For most of our customers, WiFi is their largest source of CRM data. The integration with their CRM allows them to combine their online and in-venue data to enhance visitor engagement and loyalty.

Guest WiFi is often the main source of CRM data
Build a holistic digital profile of your visitors with their online and offline data
Use your data to enhance engagement and loyalty

Collect data from your visitors to start a conversation

Capture data like contact information, demographics, interests and survey response from users in your venue and use our connectors to push it straight to your existing email campaign tools.

Integrate with your email tool to send personalized messages
68% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that provides them with personalized offers
Over 400 connectors available
stadiums incremental value

Customize your in-venue experience

Use your customer digital profiles to tailor their in-store experience. Once you have their data, you can change the splash pages and access journeys they see when they log in. For example, you may want to redirect specific users who’ve previously shown similar interest to a new product when they get online.

Retrieve data from your CRM system to use in the platform
Adapt your access journey based on a visitor’s preferences
Retrieve data from your CRM like known interests, previous spending habits, and loyalty status
connectors & integrations

Automate customer communication for enhanced engagement

Use our built-in drag and drop automation tool to create workflows to push and pull data between the Purple Platform and your existing software to create a truly great customer experience. You may want to trigger a personalized message to customers to welcome them back, or thank them for coming into your venue. Our tool is fully flexible and easy to use.

Intuitive drag and drop automation
Push and pull data from and to your existing software
Create a great customer experience

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connectors & integrations

We’ve got over 400 connectors to choose from, find yours in our library

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