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Asset Tracking

Track and navigate to your assets in real time

Improve your visitor experience, prevent the misplacement of assets and enhance your staff efficiency with Purple Asset Tracking.

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Nurse hours per month lost to searching for assets, or 1 hour per shift


Increase in cost per hospital bed in recent years to combat the loss or theft of assets


Wasted in US hospitals per year from loss of drugs

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    St George's Hospital Charity are excited to be utilising Purple to enrich our charity communications mix. It will allow us to raise awareness of charity initiatives and increase the reach of our mailing list whilst providing secure, accessible and free WiFi to patients and visitors.

    Kate Garner, Digital Communications & Marketing Officer @ St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust
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    The introduction of a new digital wayfinding capability at Ochsner Medical Center is not only for convenience, but is an integral part of delivering safer, more efficient, and more modern experiences to our community,

    This tool will give users turn-by-turn instructions from home to parking and guide them exactly to their destination. We know that a large campus can be challenging to navigate, and this is a great way to help make the onsite experience a bit easier.

    Jennifer Bollinger, Sr. Vice President, Chief Consumer Officer @ Ochsner Health
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    The Purple app is now part of our employee onboarding. So, for folks who come in and it’s their first day of orientation, part of that orientation is actually to use the app to go find the cafeteria, go find where you need to go. And we’ve been able to bake that in. And it’s been great.

    Kip Lee, Managing Director of Innovation and Design @ University Hospitals
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    One of the great aspects about working with Purple is their timely responses to our questions, as well as making you (the client) feel empowered to customize their solution (when applicable). In our case, we are seeking to improve VCU Health’s overall indoor navigational experience for patients, visitors, staff, and contractors to our downtown Richmond (Virginia) medical campus.

    Purple knows their tech but it’s their people and their dedication to their jobs and professionalism that stand out. They understand that digital wayfinding in a healthcare environment is more than just downloading a mobile app. It’s a partnership between the client (us) and them to potentially reduce the anxiety a patient might feel before going to a medical appointment, in an unfamiliar location.

    The last thing a patient should have to worry about when going to their medical appointment is where do I park when I arrive, where do I go once inside, and how do I find my car when I’m done? We’re striving to improve the overall experience for our visitors. Our digital wayfinding solution, VCU Health Way Finder, wouldn’t be where it is today, without the continued guidance and support of Purple.

    Keith Marcum, Digital Marketing Wayfinding & Engagement Specialist @ VCU Health System
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    We’re completely committed to making the hospital experience as positive as possible for patients and visitors alike. We’ve worked with local groups to hear their feedback and take action.

    This state of the art system will not only improve the experience of patients visiting Croydon University Hospital by reducing the stresses that navigating a large site can cause, but will also help them plot the quickest route to their care or to the loved ones they are visiting.

    Dan Rennie-Hale, Director of Quality and Lead for Patient Experience @ Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

    How Asset Tracking works

    Purple’s asset tracking solution enables healthcare facility staff to quickly and efficiently locate assets. With an accuracy of 3-10 feet, the asset tracking software allows healthcare providers to set specific geozones and corresponding alerts to ensure that if items leave a designated location or room then the correct people are notified, as well as being able to follow assets on the Purple Maps platform in real time. Purple Asset Tracking is hardware agnostic and will work with a large variety of asset tags.

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    Real-time geofence alerts

    Utilize geofencing to alert staff immediately should an asset leave or enter a specific area. With fully customizable geofencing, staff can choose to be notified as soon as an asset or drug trolley leaves an area and arrives at another location, to ensure that it is not misplaced and to help prevent potential theft.

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    Locate assets in real time 

    With Purple Asset Tracking, you can locate assets in real time on the facility map, using either the search function or map view. Purple’s asset tracking is hardware agnostic and can be used to track objects, electronic devices and people. 

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    Navigate to your assets

    Use Purple’s highly accurate wayfinding software to navigate to your asset with turn-by-turn directions and blue dot around the healthcare facility to ensure the asset is located as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Fancy a demo? Fill out the form below and one of our product experts will be in touch.

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    Increase staff efficiency and time to task and care

    Currently 16% of healthcare facility searches for assets end in missing equipment. Asset tracking allows staff to focus on immediate care rather than wasting up to an hour a day searching for equipment. With the immediate location of assets in real-time, staff efficiency is increased and care quality is enhanced.

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    Track high value equipment and drugs to reduce surgery postponement and drug shortages

    In recent years, 10-20% of hospitals’ inventory of assets and drugs goes missing or is misplaced every year. In some cases, critical assets are not findable or functional in potentially life threatening situations and may cause surgery postponement leading to a huge loss of patient satisfaction.

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    Geofencing and zonal asset tracking to monitor the movement of assets, drugs and high risk patients

    With $800million worth of drugs going missing every year in the US, this can result in a massive loss of time and patient satisfaction. With geofencing, staff can set up to be notified as soon as an asset or drug trolley leaves an area and arrives at another location, to ensure that it is not misplaced and to help prevent theft.

    Real-time tracking

    Real time asset location tracking and navigation

    Room-level accuracy

    An accuracy of 3-10 feet

    Notifications & Alerts

    Geozone your assets to receive alerts on their movement

    Hardware agnostic

    Works with a large variety of BLE asset tags to suit your asset type and requirements

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