Public WiFi: A valuable data source & communications channel

We enable local government organizations to gather insights into the behavior and demographics of the local population by creating digital profiles of people that connect to public WiFi

Grow CRM Databases and connect with citizens directly
Deliver important public service updates
Collect public feedback at scale
Connect with hard to reach segments with multilingual platform
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Have a say

Only 37% of people consider that they have a say in what local government does


Satisfaction rate

64%: the average satisfaction rate with public services


Opinion adoption

Only 33% expect local governments to adopt opinions expressed in a public consultation


How we transform your Public WiFi

Our captive portal and guest WiFi software is hardware agnostic and overlays onto wireless access points. It allows the public to connect to your municipal wireless network and get access to WiFi. It enables you to collect digital profiles, greater understand the local population and deliver personalized and tailored communications.

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Connect with citizens directly

Local populations can be diverse from one street and neighbourhood to another. Our WiFi analytics software helps you to understand more about the local population at a scale that isn’t comparable to anything else. Helping you understand the needs of your citizens so you can deliver the services that they want and need.

Generate rich digital profiles
Collect data and insights
Give the public a voice
Connect with citizens directly
updates local government

Deliver public service updates to as many people as possible

If you need a message to be heard, you need to know who to send it to and get it infront of people quickly. With our solution, you not only have the contact information you’ve gathered from your captive portal in your distribution list, but you can also display a message to everyone that starts to log into your WiFi, to ensure everyone gets the message they need as quickly and as easily as possible

Real time updates to your access journey messages
Build a distribution list for quick communication
Understand who has read the key message
Quick, easy and cheap communication options

Collect citizen feedback at scale

Your citizens want to be heard and want an easy mechanism to provide feedback but it also needs to be cost effective and scalable for you. Collecting feedback through public WiFi works for everyone

Automated surveys
Cost effective
97% response rate
Allows the public to be heard
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Cater for all with a multilingual platform

Some segments can be difficult to reach, especially when language is a barrier. Our solution recognizes the default language of a user’s device and serves them an access journey in their language to ensure they are provided them with a message they can understand, to enhance their engagement

Over 25 language options
Adapt any customer facing screens
Create a seamless experience
Engage with all segments

How does your visitor data compare with other smart cities?

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