Digital Wayfinding for Healthcare

We work with the world’s leading healthcare providers to help them improve patient experience and operational efficiency by improving how people physically navigate around hospital campuses

Improve patient experience & satisfaction
Reduce staff disruptions
Improve appointment discipline
Reduce patient stress & anxiety
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Lost visitors

30% of visitors get lost in hospitals


Digital experience

60% of patients want a more digital experience


Missed appointments

$150 billion: cost of missed appointments across US healthcare systems


What does digital wayfinding look like in healthcare?

Think Google Maps but tailored specifically to work indoors within hospital buildings. It’s designed to empower patients to navigate around your hospital campus without the need to ask for directions or becoming lost, frustrated and anxious.

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Like Google Maps but designed specifically for your hospital campus

Turn-by-turn directions from the comfort of someone’s home to the best parking lot and on to their location of care. Our digital wayfinding solution works in a similar way to how Google or Apple Maps works outdoors.

Turn-by-turn directions
Familiar user interface
Up to 85% less hardware needed compared to other wayfinding solutions
Designed with patients in mind
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Improve patient experience

Our digital wayfinding platform has been built with patients and user experience at its core

Empower patients to navigate using their mobile device
Reduce stress & anxiety
Improve patient satisfaction
Position yourself as the provider of choice
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Increase operational efficiency

There is a compound effect of patients and visitors getting lost. It can lead to poor appointment discipline and more staff interruptions. New hires are also likely to struggle navigating a complex physical facility such as a hospital.

Improve appointment discipline
Reduce staff disruptions
Avoid new hires from getting lost
Maximize onboarding and reduce time to care

Are you ready to implement wayfinding in your hospital?

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