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WiFi for Trains, Airport and Transport Hubs

Purple’s Guest WiFi solution for trains, airports and transport hubs provides the industry’s leading indoor analytics platform to identify visitors and build detailed profiles, increase return rates, and boost average spend.

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of passengers arrive in the airport earlier than they would have done before Covid-19


of train internet users perceive the quality of their WiFi connection to be poor


of travel is booked through an OTA meaning airports and train operators miss out on data capture


Business consumers are willing to pay 15% extra on their ticket price for better WiFi

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Get to know your passengers

40% of travel is booked through an OTA meaning airports and train operators miss out on data capture. With Purple’s guest WiFi solution, you can get to know your passengers and capture their contact details.

Our captive portal enables train operators, airports and transport hubs to 

  • Collect demographic and contact information from passengers even if they’ve booked through an online travel agent
  • Gather feedback from passengers using surveys to understand their needs and enhance their experience
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Maximize passenger spending

2 in 5 rail users would buy food on the train if they were offered promotional vouchers and passengers only spend on average 2 hours 17 minutes in the airport, showing the importance of reaching passengers at the right place and the right time to increase spending.

Purple’s transport WiFi solution enables you to

  • Increase upselling opportunities using real time promotions to reach passengers at the right place and right time
  • Get actionable feedback to enhance customer satisfaction to increase passenger spending while in your hub or train
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Increase repeat travel rates

73% of consumers say a good experience is key in influencing their loyalties, and with personalized promotions of onboard food and drink, retail or parking you can create a long term relationship with your customers. 

Purple’s transport WiFi encourages loyalty by prompting engagement with loyalty programs and collecting real time feedback from passengers. This helps to

  • Drive loyalty program participation and reward loyal passengers
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by giving them a vital stable and secure WiFi connection
  • Remarket to previous passengers to create a long term, productive relationship

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  • palm beach international airport

    Capturing customer feedback to continuously provide the best service and amenities is so important and partnering with Purple was a perfect fit for our needs.

    Lacy Larson
    Director of Marketing and Communications @ Palm Beach International Airport
  • avanti logo

    It's a delight to work with Purple. The focus on delivering value to your customers is very apparent and nothing is too much trouble. Engagement is quick and sessions are always rewarding, ensuring we can continue to grow, to help provide the best possible service to our passengers.

    Thomas Drury
    IT Service Delivery Manager @ Avanti West Coast
  • c2c rail

    I've never had a supplier who so thoroughly understands our needs and objectives. Purple showed a very intricate understanding of the ticket sales model and that the use of an on-board portal was critical in reaching that huge untapped base!

    Cieran Douglass
    Senior CRM Executive @ C2C Rail
  • lincoln airport

    Purple has become an important tool for us to use. From understanding who our passengers are and how we can better the travel experience for them, to engagement, customer service, product features, and reliability. Purple allows us to easily do all these things and present them in a simple way.

    Rachel Barth
    Director of Communications @ Lincoln Airport

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    Here's how Purple can help

    Get to know your passengers

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    Gather demographic information

    1.5 billion people travelled internationally in 2019 and in 2021 global tourism rose by 4%. Without capturing passenger’s data, airports and train operators have no way of seeing who is in their venue. 

    In addition to this, over 70% of people use their phone while travelling. Purple’s captive portal enables you to engage with passengers and gather their demographic and social media information as they enter your transport hub or train, so you know exactly who was in your venue and when.

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    Gather contact information

    40% of travel is booked through an OTA meaning airports and train operators miss out on data capture.  

    Purple’s transport WiFi solution enables you to collect visitor contact data as customers connect to WiFi either through their email or social media credentials, so you can add them to your customer database.

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    Gather customer feedback in real time

    Information gathered at the point of experience is 40% more accurate than feedback gathered up to 24 hours later. 

    The built in MicroSurvey feature allows you to collect feedback from passengers in real time, ensuring you can work quicker and more efficiently to meet their needs. 

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    Understand passengers’ needs

    2 out of 3 consumers feel it’s important that brands understand them

    With Purple’s built-in MicroSurvey function, you can find out even more about your passengers, such as where they’ve travelled from, where they’re going, what would enhance their experience and more.

    Maximize passenger spending

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    Drive satisfaction to increase sales

    If passengers are just 1% more satisfied, airport sales go up by 1.5%. 

    Use transport WiFi to gather passenger feedback and preferences to meet needs and drive customer satisfaction, leading to an increase in spend while in your airport.

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    Engage with passengers

    42% of people want to treat themselves more in the airport now than they would have done before the Covid pandemic.

    Purple’s transport WiFi enables businesses to distribute personalized and targeted promotions to passengers to encourage them to increase their spend while they’re in the airport.

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    Create upselling opportunities

    40% of rail users would buy food on the train if they were offered promotional vouchers. 

    Make the most of transport WiFi’s marketing capabilities to upsell to passengers in real-time. Give them personalized promotions for onboard shops or airport retail centers as well as letting them know about products they might be interested in.

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    Use real-time promotions

    On average, passengers only spend 2 hours 17 minutes in the airport before a flight. 

    Use Purple to distribute real-time promotions to passengers in the limited time they’re in your airport or transport hub to capture their attention and increase their spend.

    Increase repeat travel rates

    airport loyalty

    Increase your loyalty program penetration

    59% of frequent US travellers are in no travel loyalty program, even though 82% of those in a program say they are worth joining. 

    Use transport WiFi to promote your loyalty program as passengers get online and utilize interstitial advertising to drive additional interest while they’re in your hub or train.

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    Reward repeat visits

    73% of consumers would be more loyal to venues that reward them for visiting. 

    Detailed WiFi analytics process how many times a passenger has visited your transport hub or train and you can send them promotions or communications based on their visit count, to reward their repeat visits.

    airport loyalty

    Remarket to your customers

    It costs 5x more to attract a new customer than keep an existing one so increasing loyalty can help reduce cost while increasing revenue. 

    With Purple’s transport WiFi you can send your customers a welcome (or welcome back!) email following their latest journey or visit to your transport hub as well as promoting upcoming offers and new products.

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    Enhance customer satisfaction

    Only 33% of train commuters are satisfied with the reliability of their on board internet connection. 

    Increase customer satisfaction by providing a stable, secure and quick guest WiFi connection while on your trains.

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